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Thursday, 09 February 2012 03:18

EA Connector for Trac / EA Connector for Redmine Released

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We are pleased to announce that our two new Add-ins 'EA Connector for Trac' and 'EA Connector for Redmine'  are now available.
Connector for Trac

We are pleased to announce that our two new Add-ins 'EA Connector for Trac' and 'EA Connector for Redmine' are now available.


EA Connector for Trac facilitates information exchange between the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect, and Trac – a web-based, open source tool for software project management and bug tracking.


From some specific types of diagram object, you can create a new Trac ticket. You can show the ticket's web page simply by double-clicking the object. By using this Add-in, issues are visible in UML diagrams, and you can manage them in the Trac application. EA users can notice tickets while using EA diagrams, can open and view details rapidly, and can synchronize tickets' properties with one action.


Following is a typical scenario.

While modeling business flow, you found an issue to discuss or assign to someone later. Using the Quicklinker, create an Issue object from BPMN Dataobject. By synchronizing the Issue object, the Add-in automatically creates a new Trac ticket.

The number is automatically added to the Issue's name. You can open the web page of the new ticket, and enter addtional description or assign this issue to someone. 


By synchronizing tickets periodically, you can know current status and descriptions (copied to EA object's Notes field). Many other properties are synchronized between EA objects and Trac tickets.

In the above case, you can know a status by its color. (set 'closed' status to gray by EA's settings)


You can likewise integrate the Redmine application using another Add-in, 'EA Connector for Redmine'..


For details, please check our website:

EA Connector for Trac:

EA Connector for Redmine:


You can download a free 14-day trial. We also offer Trac and Redmine servers for trial. You do not need to use your own server.


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