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Thursday, 07 June 2012 07:40

Database Modeling Accelerator : 'DBMode' released

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DBMode is Enterprise Architect's extension (Add-in) for Database modeling. DBMode accelerates Database modeling on Enterprise Architect by its various features.


Download an evaluation copy from the DBMode website: http://www.dbmode.com/.



DBMode enables you to auto-generate MS-Excel documents, view CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) matrix, define and use Domains, etc.


Integrated into Enterprise Architect

DBMode is an extension (Add-in) for Enterprise Architect. All DBMode features can be accessed through Enterprise Architect's interface. DBMode can manage existing Table objects and their properties in Enterprise Architect model. You don't need to migrate existing models.


Various Features for more Efficient and Intuitive Database Modeling

DBMode offers various features to support more efficient and intuitive Database Modeling. For example, the Model Check feature reports all errors and inconsistencies in the Database model. You can easily manage common Columns used in many Tables using the Domain feature.


Auto-generate MS-Excel Documents

From Tables, you can generate stylish MS-Excel documentes automatically. You do not need to maintain both the Enterprise Architect model and Excel documents. When a model changes, you just need to generate the Excel document again to keep consistency between models and documents.



For details, visit DBMode website: http://www.dbmode.com/.

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