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Thursday, 16 August 2012 10:01

AMUSE 2.2 - "Free Edition"

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Our Statemachine and Activity Diagram Execution for Enterprise Architect is is now also available in a "Free" Version. See below for a Feature  Comparision:
Download Free Edition or request the trial license for the Professional Edition:

AMUSE Features Free Edition Pro Edition
UML-Model execution in Enterprise Architect
Event simulation
Monitoring attribute values
Validation and auto-correction rules
Trace Viewer for simulation events
Automation of UML-Models using external resources
Automation of external Components using UML-Models
Parallel execution and visualization of multiple instances  
Message broadcasting between multiple instances  
Editing of attribute values at runtime  
Code Generation: UML => Embedded C (*)  
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Daniel Siegl

LieberLieber Software GmbH (Chief Executive Officer)

Daniel Siegl, since 2006 Head of Development and since August 2009 Managing Director of LieberLieber Software GmbH [www.lieberlieber.com]. He is the driver behind LieberLieber efforts in making AMUSE a highly valuable tool for the Sparx Systems EA Community. LieberLieber has been dealing with MDSD since its foundation and develops plug-ins and customer-specific interfaces and extensions for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. In addition LieberLieber develops tailor-made software solutions in the Automotive, Aeronautics/Defense, Banking/Insurance and the Gaming Industry.

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