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An eaDocX Christmas present

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You will know that here at eaDocX we are always trying to find ways to integrate the knowledge you have stored in Enterprise Architect into the rest of your Microsoft-using environment.

The last significant release of eaDocX was version 3.2, which included the launch of Corporate edition. That delivered Excel integration and document versioning.

Since then we have been collecting customer requests and imagining ways to make eaDocX even better in version 3.3.  
We've got 15 suggestions. But we want to know what the Enterprise Architect community think should be our priorities.

So we produced the attached document (using eaDocX, of course) where all 15 of the possible development options are described. Please take a look, then vote in our poll for the item you want the most.

NB if what you want isn't on the list, then please go to the Forum - Suggestion Box and add your idea there.

The poll is only open until Christmas Eve, December 24th, so v3.3 will be a late Christmas present.  The release date will depend on whether you pick the hard or easy things for us to do first!

So, as they say in Chicago, "Vote early, and vote often".

Thanks for your participation.

The elves.

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Jackie Mitchell

Ability Engineering Ltd (Chief Executive Officer)

I have >25 years experience in high technology development in aerospace, health, telecoms and IT, as a project and programme manager, consultant and trainer. I have a track record of leading multi-disciplinary, international teams to efficiently deliver high quality projects on time and to budget.

I am enthusiastic about developing the use of Enterprise Architect, integrating structured analysis & design with best practice Project Management, sharing EA insights with key stakeholders and releasing project teams to do what they do best.
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