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Monday, 29 February 2016 12:06

Enterprise Architect Training Courses available in France

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sparx systems enterprise architect training courses

VISEO released its 2016 training catalogue, including a full range of updated training courses for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. All training materials are available in French.

  • Slides and exercises content updated with Enterprise Architect 12.1 version.
  • 2 or 3 day thorough training courses, involving UML, BPMN2, or SysML.
  • Optional sessions available: 
    • configure a project to be shared with other users;
    • create an MDG Technology;
    • implement an add-in with C#;
    • generate a document (built-in RTF generator or eaDocX);
    • define business processes with BPMN 2.0;
    • ArchiMate 2.0.

Please visit Viseo website for more details:


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Guillaume Finance

VISEO (Modelling and Sparx EA Consultant & trainer)
Business and Systems Analyst with a software development background, and certified training instructor on UML, SysML and Sparx Enterprise Architect.
After spending several years working at an international level in the UK, I'm currently working for VISEO (formerly Objet Direct), Sparx Systems authorised reseller, VAR and Training Partner in France (www.viseo.com). Current and past projects cover the following industries: banking & finance (e.g. mortgage application), payment card systems (ATM, POS, UK APACS, ISO8583), set-top boxes, oil and gaz, and hydraulic utility manufacturing (EDF).
I publish articles and news about modelling languages and Enterprise Architect on my blog www.umlchannel.com.
I also maintain eaUtils addin for Sparx: www.eautils.com.

Website: www.umlchannel.com
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