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Sparx Systems specializes in high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. A Contributing Member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is committed to realizing the potential of model-driven development based on open standards. The company’s flagship product, Enterprise Architect, has received numerous accolades since its commercial release in August, 2000. Enterprise Architect is the design tool of choice for over 380,000 registered users world-wide.
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 01:07

Enterprise Architect 9, Beta 2 Released.

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce a public release of Enterprise Architect 9, Beta 2 - packed with new features and tools to help you take control of your projects.

Download Enterprise Architect 9, Beta 2 today!

Full release details are available from:

We encourage registered users to submit their feedback via the beta feedback page:


Sparx Systems was announced by Programmer's Paradise as the winner of the 2010 "Riding the Crest" Award in the Application Lifecycle Management: Design/Modeling category.  The awards, announced on the 30th of March, recognized Enterprise Architect as one of the best selling products within the vast catalogue of software offered by Programmers Paradise. 

Riding the Crest 2010

View the Press Release and Announcement Page for more information.

Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:11

Enterprise Architect 9 Beta Release

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the beta release of Enterprise Architect 9. This milestone release introduces hundreds of productivity enhancements and new technologies such as the new Personal manager, Project Calendar, Hand Drawn rendering, BPMN 2 support and much, much more.

Registered Enterprise Architect users can download the beta Today.

Full release details are available from:


Highlights of the release:

  • Personal Manager can send Model Mail and track project milestones.

  • New User Interface design tools support model-driven prototyping for win32 applications.

  • Project Calendar to schedule meetings, record staff leave and better utilize project resources.

  • Hand Drawn diagram style helps to identify and evolve draft designs.

  • Support for new technologies including BPMN 2.0, BPEL 2.0, SysML 1.2 and SOMF 2.1.

  • Model Generics and Templates for C#, C++, Java and VB.NET.

  • Enhanced Visual Execution Analysis and tools for developers.

  • New Round-trip Engineering support for C# 4.0 and VB.NET 10.

  • Added support for Third Party Add-In licensing using Enterprise Architect's license key management system.

  • Significant Usability Enhancements including streamlined menus, improved access to element properties and better management of diagram tabs.

  • And so much more ...

We encourage registered users to submit their feedback via the beta feedback:


Sunday, 27 February 2011 22:54

Sparx Systems Supports GEOSS

Enterprise Architect, the full life cycle, UML modeling tool from Sparx Systems, is made freely* available to the GEOSS community via the Component and Service Registry. Licences can be accessed here http://www.sparxsystems.com/enterprise-architect-sdo.php


This technology contribution supports the “data sharing” foundation of GEOSS, and enables shared, integrated vision, between the nine Societal Benefit Areas across geographic and domain boundaries. Accomplishing this vision using today's disparate systems requires establishing an internationally coordinated operational framework to facilitate interoperability and harmonization. Enterprise Architect supports synergies between systems, and standards in separate environments can be modelled in a single tool, for accurate sharing of standards information with minimal time delay.


The UML 2.3 powered, team-based modeling environment encompasses the full product development lifecycle, with high-performance visual tools for business modeling, systems engineering, enterprise architecture, requirements management, software design, code generation, testing and more.



* Conditions apply

Sparx Systems announces that it will provide support to the Joint Research Centre(JRC) by making licenses of Enterprise Architect available to the Spatial Data Infrastructure(SDI) unit.  JRC is developing the legal acts and guidelines for the technical components of INSPIRE, delivering integrated spatial information services to European policy makers.

For further information, please read the full press release.

Sparx Systems will sponsor the inaugural CEN/TC 287 Award for Academic Excellence within INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community). This award will promote academic excellence within the European geospatial community, specifically in development and deployment of interoperability standards. It provides an industry acknowledgement of the outstanding efforts of students and their mentors in this area of geomatics. The award was announced at the INSPIRE Conference 2010 in Kraków, Poland, and will be presented at the INSPIRE meeting in 2011 in Scotland.

ISO/TC 211 develops and maintains standards in digital geographic information, using Enterprise Architect to represent information models. Enterprise Architect has been widely adopted for UML modeling within the geospatial community.

On Monday the  24th of May there will be an Interoperability Workshop, to present examples of  the application of International Standards in national projects. It is open to non delegates and free of charge.  Registration is required to attend the event.

For further information please visit the ISO/TC website: http://www.isotc211.org

To access the Geospatial Harmonized Model EAP files, follow this link: http://www.isotc211.org/hmmg/EArchitect/2015/



Tuesday, 13 April 2010 00:20

Enterprise Architect 8 Official Release

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the official release of Enterprise Architect 8. Including hundreds of major updates, this is the most advanced Enterprise Architect experience ever! The milestone release includes a wealth of new features, enhancements to productivity tools and increased performance.

Here are just some of the release highlights:

  • New Structured Scenario Editor – Rapidly build highly traceable Use Case models, automatically generate test specifications and behavioral models with Activity, Sequence diagrams and more.
  • Workspace Layout Manager – Save custom window layouts and rapidly switch between configurations to suit your role.
  • Enhanced Element Browser – A central hub for dynamic model review – now includes Test specifications, Project Management, Structured Scenarios and Maintenance items.
  • Dynamic Visual Filters – New Diagram Filters let you hide or fade diagram elements based on properties such as Phase, Status or Date Modified. Ideal for presenting 'as-is' and 'to-be' architectures.
  • Powerful Workflow Scripts – Complement role based security, to enhance change management controls and strengthen collaborative development.
  • New Standards support – Introducing UPDM, the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF.
  • Lightning Fast Performance – Faster start up times, processing of XMI and general repository performance.
  • New Execution Profiler – Facilitates rapid visual analysis of processes, call frequency and timing info for windows native applications.
  • Powerful License Management – New Keystore Service with dashboard, detailed logging and key migration for corporate-wide license management.
  • And so much more...

Registered users with a current subscription can download Enterprise Architect 8 from: www.sparxsystems.com/registered

A 30 day trial is also available for immediate download: www.sparxsystems.com

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 22:49

Enterprise Architect 8, beta 3 release

Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 8, beta 3.  This latest beta release introduces a number of usability and productivity enhancements.  Registered users can download the beta today and experience the new Structured Scenario Editor, Workspace Layout Manager, Dynamic Visual Filtering and so much more!

Full release details and links to download files and resources can be found here:

The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site team is pleased to announce that Embedded Video and a new comments system are now available for community members.

The comments system allows registered community users to provide feedback on published articles, and in turn helps authors to better respond to needs of the community.  

Embedding video in tutorial and case study submissions is a powerful way for community authors to demonstrate visual modeling concepts in Enterprise Architect.

We encourage you to explore both of these new capabilities in your future submissions!

Please read the Video Submission Guidelines for more information on submitting videos.

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