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Gillian Adens

Gillian Adens

Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software)

EA Consultant / Trainer
Gillian Adens is director at Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software), an authorised services partner for Sparx Systems for the UK and Northern Europe. Gillian studied joint honours Mathematics and Computing Science at Glasgow University and is a Chartered IT Professional Member of the British Computer Society. Gillian was one of the first adopters of UML and Sparx EA in the UK (using Sparx EA from V2 onwards). She is also an expert in BPMN and ArchiMate industry standard notations. Gillian currently provides formal training and consulting services to a wide range of organisations. She has considerable experience of software project management, analysis & design and assists clients with the adoption of processes, tools and technologies.

Hippo Software’s Enterprise Architect workshops are highly practical ½ day and 1 day training sessions designed to provide revision on UML and BPMN concepts and notation, and increase confidence in creating UML and BPMN models within Enterprise Architect. These are ideal for delegates who have never been formally trained or who attended training a while ago and would benefit from a refresher.

In addition to UML and BPMN training courses Hippo Software now provides the following SysML training courses:

  • Enterprise Architect for SysML Systems Engineering (2½ days)
  • Enterprise Architect and SysML for Systems Engineering (4 days)

The new Hippo Software training catalogue provides details of our full range of training courses and workshops.

A flexible pricing strategy allows Hippo Software to provide highly competitive prices for on-site training courses and workshops throughout the UK and Europe, even for a small number of delegates.

Hippo Software Logo  For more details visit: http://www.hippo-software.co.uk/pages/EA.htm

Hippo Software launches new Enterprise Architect training courses:

  • EA Essentials [1 day]
  • EA for Business Analysts [2 days]
  • EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days]
  • EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days]
  • EA Requirements with Use Cases [2 days]
  • EA Business Process Models with BPMN [1 day]
  • EA for Software Engineers [2 days]
  • EA for Software Engineers with UML [4 days]
  • EA for SysML Systems Engineers [2 days]

Select one of these pre-defined couses, or mix and match the Enterprise Architect modules to create a tailored course. Download the Enterprise Architect module catalogue below for full details of all modules and their contents.

Affordable, flexible training for delivery on-site in the UK and Europe.

Hippo Software LogoFor more details visit: http://www.hippo-software.co.uk/pages/EA.htm

Plan, estimate and track the progress of your Enterprise Architect projects using Circa.


This release features vastly enhanced scheduling capabilities allowing users to indicate percentage progress on individual tasks. New colour-coding allows users to see project progress at a glance, even at the individual artifact level. In addition, an improved XMI import mechanism preserves a link between artifacts in Circa and artifacts in Enterprise Architect. Also a new filter option allows users to select which information is imported from Enterprise Architect.


Circa_Logo  Key Circa features:

  • Produce instant estimates of effort, person days, duration and cost
  • Profile resources by defining their skill levels and availability
  • Assess project risk exposure and build in contingency
  • Define a process structure and schedule work and people to tasks
  • Export project schedules to MS Project
  • Produce comprehensive management reports in HTML and MS Excel formats 


For more information about Circa 2010 or to download a free evaluation visit our website:




This workshop teaches delegates how to create RTF templates in order to generate company documentation straight from Enterprise Architect. Creating document templates is an essential project task but also typically a specialised skill.

Tassc's consultant/trainer will guide delegates through all the key aspects and subtleties of RTF report generation in a highly practical 1-day workshop. This workshop can be extended to a second day to guide delegates in creating company specific document templates.

Tassc offers on-site workshops and training courses throughout the UK and Europe. Tassc is an authorised training partner for Sparx Systems Australia and provides formal training, consulting and hands-on mentoring in Enterprise Architect, UML, SysML and BPMN.

Tassc launches two new SysML training courses for Enterprise Architect users:

Enterprise Architect for Systems Engineers [2 days]:

This course is designed for systems engineers who already have SysML experience and now wish to gain confidence in using Enterprise Architect. The course includes substantial hands-on sessions to construct SysML models within the Enterprise Architect environment.

SysML and Enterprise Architect for Systems Engineers [4 days]:

This course is designed for systems engineers who are new to SysML and Enterprise Architect. Delegates will gain a good overall exposure to the main concepts and notation used in SysML. The course includes substantial hands-on sessions to produce SysML diagrams using Enterprise Architect.

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a popular industry standard and an expressive graphical notation that enables business analysts to understand and visually document their business processes.

Tassc now offers new BPMN training combined with Enterprise Architect and UML:

EA for Business Analysts – 1½ days

Ideal for business and systems analysts who already have experience of using BPMN and UML to model and analyse their requirements. This course includes hands-on sessions to produce and document these models in Enterprise Architect.

Business Process Modelling with BPMN and EA – 1 day

Designed for business analysts new to BPMN and Enterprise Architect. Learn BPMN syntax and semantics. Create hierarchical business process models within Enterprise Architect.

UML, BPMN and EA for Business Analysts – 3 days

Designed for business and systems analysts tasked with defining system requirements. Gain a good overall exposure to the main concepts and notations of BPMN and UML. Learn how to express requirements clearly and document them within Enterprise Architect. Includes substantial hands-on sessions within the Enterprise Architect environment. 

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