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Oliver Fels

Trapeze ITS Switzerland GmbH (Systems Architect)
Working in the IT industry since the very early 90s and intensively touched almost each area from implementation via software and systems architecture to project and team management. Minor sales experience is adding to the profile but better do not count that in. Several speaches at various conferences (JavaOne, CeBit, RiskConf, et al.) as well as articles in IT magazines. Primary interests in software and systems architecture as well as development methodologies and processes.

The long awaited EA protocol handler and the included EA add-in have officially reached beta state.
The EA protocol handler enables access to elements, packages and diagram in a repository from outside EA by using a ea:// URL.
An optional add-in eases handling by creating the required URLs from a context menu.

The setup programs can be acquired from http://sourceforge.net/projects/eaprotocol/. Feel free to download them from the file section and read the user manual to get an idea how to use the tools.
The software can be installed and used as is without liability or warranty for damage or data losses.

Feedback is highly appreciated as this is a beta version and can be done through the sourceforge site (see link above) or Sparx Systems EA forum.

Many thanks go to Eric Johannsen from Canonic Corporation (http://www.canoniccorp.com) for starting the project and donating it to the open source community.
Further thanks go to Adam Hearn for writing the add-in and improving EA interoperation.