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Guillermo Montoya Fanegas

DEISER (Sparx Systems Spain) (Chief Executive Officer)

Always commited with Software Engineering and the best tools to use it. I am convinced that Enterprise Architect is the best UML tool even without considering its low price. My company is reseller of EA since 2.001 and Sister Company since 2.009. Now I have to invest my time to manage my company but I always want to be updated about the state of the art of technology and Standars.


Some months ago we announced a very special campaign called 4 Month 4 $ales. Every month, one of the Enterprise Architect Plugin (unlimited users license) we've developed was being offered at a very low price.

The last chapter of this campaign started a few days ago and it has been called The Black Month. Starting December 1, and only for 30 days (December 31, 2.012) we’ve bundled our Four Enterprise Architect Plugins and all the companies will be able to get the unlimited users license of all the plugins at a terrific price: €2.395 (around 2,995 USD).


To know more about The Plugin Pack and The Black Month, please click:



If you want to purchase it through our online shop, please click on the red buttons (Yes, I want it or BUY NOW).If you prefer other payment methods (other than Paypal), please contact with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


 The plugin Pack contains:


Unlimited Users license of EA connector for JIRA

Unlimited Users license of EA extension for Scrum

Unlimited Users license of EA extension for Quality Assurance

Unlimited Users license of EA extension for SAP Netweaver.


Also, all the current users of any of these plugins will be able to ‘upgrade’ to this Package. So if you paid 400€ purchasing 5 licenses of EA connector for JIRA, now you will only have to pay 1.995€ to get the plugin pack.

This promotion will be available only until December 31 and limited to 75 Companies in the world. Then, the price of the Unlimited users license of each Plugin will turn back to 3.995€



The Plugin Pack purchase entitles you to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance, product updates and support are included free. The licenses are perptual. All the EA plugins (developed by deiser) are supported through our web-based supporting system http://www.madeira20.com 


Thursday, 08 November 2012 17:43

EA connector for JIRA v5 is coming to town


Hello everyone.

It’s time to go back to this community with some news, and what better way to do it than by announcing the imminent release of version 5.0 of our beloved “EA Connector for Jira.

Many times I talked about the advantages offered by this product in combining two necessarily related worlds. On this occasion, it’s time to introduce with great fanfare what is, for me, the best and definitive version of the product.

So, barring any unforeseen events, this November 12, the world will get to see the new version of this product, whose features, in addition to many other improvements and minor (yes, minor) corrections, include the following:


Performance increased 2500%

You read that right, 2500%. 

2500%? What the… and all those improvements. Exaggerations? No…

It’s just that instead of processing the issues sequentially, we have implemented a thread management scheme that lets the program process up to 50 issues at once. So, instead of “send, received OK, send, received OK”, it’ll be “send, send, send, send, send… all received OK”. In short, it works up to 50 times faster.

Aha! And to avoid overloading the Jira instance in environments with multiple simultaneous users, the number of concurrent threads processed can be specified.

Export simultaneous threads

Shot of an asynchronous export in progress. Exports are so fast that the author had a heckuva time getting this screenshot.

Exporting sub-diagrams to the issue as attached images

Do you have some diagram in EA that describes the behavior of a specific issue? That’s not so strange. Dozens of users have asked us for the same thing.

Thanks to this feature, if a Use Case or Requirement or Class or Business Process or Test Case, etc., has a sub-diagram that models and details its behavior or structure, you can now send that diagram to Jira as an image attached to the relevant issue.

Subdiagrams export

View of an issue showing an attached image corresponding to the issue’s sub-diagram. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this earlier.


New mapping possibilities

The field mapping module now also supports the following:

  • Mapping of the “Affected Version” field with the “Version” property or a Tagged Value
  • Mapping of the “Fix Version” field with the “Version” property or a Tagged Value
  • Mapping of the “Component” with a Tagged Value
  • Mapping of the “Resolution” field with a Tagged Value
  • Mapping of the “DueDate” field with a Tagged Value

So, the most relevant information in Jira can be imported to EA so as to properly document the system.

New mapping capabilities

Nothing like previous versions…


 Detailed comparison window of the differences in each issue between EA and Jira

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Before issues are even exported or imported (synchronization), you can compare the properties and fields of related issues using a new window that provides all of the information needed to let you decide whether to synchronize or not. It also lets you track all of the changes that have taken place in each environment.

Check for differences screen

100 gigawatt difference in the laser, no more no less…
…the testing guys are going to go blind from the glare

That’s all for now. In future versions we’ll introduce many improvements that are in the pipeline from your past, present and future feedback. I hope once the new version is launched that many of you will benefit from the new features and improvements in this release.


We know that very often it's very difficult to justify the investment when companies need to get corporate licenses of EA AddIns. Although the prices seem competitive, eventually, the costs are too high even when we are pretty sure that these products will be very productive.

At Deiser we have been developing EA Plugins for five years and we would like to celebrate this event. Starting September, the sale called is "4 months, 4 Sales" and we will apply at least 50% off on our 'Unlimited licenses' version:




We started with our most popular plugin, EA Connector for JIRA, used by dozens of companies. If you want our Corporate License (unlimited licenses) of EA connector for JIRA you will pay only €1.995 ($2.450 approx.). This offer will be available until 30th December, 2012.

Each month, we will include another plugin. Even more, we are preparing a big offer if our customers are also interested in source code. Stay tuned for the coming weeks for more announcements.

If you want to know more about EA connector for JIRA (very soon a new release) you can do it at:




If you want to know more about the rest of our plugins, you can get info at:


http://www.deiser.com/subject/portfolio/plugins/ea_scrum/ (EA extension for Scrum)

http://www.deiser.com/subject/portfolio/plugins/ea_quality/ (EA extension for Quality Assurance)

http://www.deiser.com/subject/portfolio/plugins/ea_sap/ (EA extension for SAP)


Thank you very much for your interest. Feel free to request more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



EA extension for Scrum


'EA Extension for Scrum’ the newest third-party Plug-In approved by Sparx Systems provides agile teams the ultimate way to combine the functional power of Enterprise Architect with the Agile Community's ideas to manage the lifecycle of projects, products and deliverables. 

Now, you can combine your software development projects portfolio and have both Agile and Non Agile projects without having to use different tools. That way, you will have the best combination of tools and techniques with Enterprise Architect. Download a free 30-day trial now.


With 'EA Extension for Scrum' you will get:


  • Agile Requirements Management: Using Scrum Technology including a set of ‘Agile’ elements: Stories, Epics, Technical Tasks, etc. You will estimate and assign these elements to the project team.
  • Agile Project Management: Using the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlogs, Kanban Diagrams... along with many automations and constraint rules. You will enjoy this useful and straightforward environment.




  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlogs management.
  • Automatic Kanban creation for each Sprint.
  • Task State Update when moving across the Kanban.
  • Element Sprint Update when moving through the Backlogs.
  • ‘Burn Up’ chart according several criteria.
  • ‘Burn Down’ chart according several criteria.
  • Status Pie Chart generation.
  • Setup Sprint values depending on the team working speed.
  • Sprint capacity limit constraints.




Project Burndown Chart using Story Points


Kanban board with technical tasks and its states




EA extension for Scrum official webpage (English)

EA extension for Scrum official webpage (Spanish)

Download your free 30-days trial and check these features




General Info (Sparxsystems Spain): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

General Info (DEISER): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Pricing & Purchase: http://www.sparxsystems.es/New/products/eaextscrum_purchase.html