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  • Enterprise Architect 12.1 Beta available: a first preview

    and associations are also loaded , ensuring the inclusion of all classes required for generation of valid schemas. SysML 1.4 support, SysML 1.2 & 1.3 enhancements SysML 1.4 is now supported and enhancements have been added forprevious SysML 1.2 and 1.3...

  • SysML 1.3 released

    The OMG has published this month the official specifications of the expected new version 1.3 of SysML, two years after releasing SysML 1.2. SysML 1.3 affects the definition of ports by introducing Full Ports and Proxy Ports , both allowing to combine...

  • Enterprise Architect 13 beta preview

    Links between connectors for a new level of traceability Time Aware Modeling with a package and element Cloning approach SysML simulation with OpenModelica and parametric diagrams Tagged Values support within diagram filters A new "Progress bar" tagged...

  • APG Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Course

    configuration · Parts and values · Domains and blocks · Value types, units, and dimensions · Diagrams and elements · SysML block definition diagrams · Relationships and properties · Model Constraints · Capture System Requirements · Constraint blocks and...

  • Prolaborate 3.4 released: custom properties, diagram editor, custom logs path, dashboard collaboration

    Attributes can be created and used in the Form Designer to retrieve and display specific information for a given element. SysML Block example: show sub elements (ports) Let's start with a SysML block with the aim to show the list of ports, managed in EA...

  • Prolaborate 3.0 available

    the BPMN diagrams matching the enterprise business processes. In the screenshot below, a user has a read/write access to the SysML model from the EAExample project. The full project content is illustrated on the left (Enterprise Architect Project...

  • Implementation of MBSE based on EA

    are the main models: These models involve different modeling languages, such as: System analysis and design modeling: SysML. Software analysis, design modeling: UML. Hardware modeling: VHDL and Verilog HDL. Physical system modeling: Modelica . EA’s...

  • EA User Group London 2018 feedback

    to enable only the notations or languages that are relevant to the current use and context. The built-in Systems Engineering\SysML perspective can beenabled for instance so users only work with SysML 1.5 elements and diagrams, and will never come across...

  • Feedback from the EAUG Paris 2015

    that an Agile Enterprise Architecture is feasible, having Sparx EA as a compatible tool for this environment. MBSE with SysML for the biomedical industry The second talk was about SysML and MBSE applied for the design of Medical Equipment. Our speakers...

  • New modular 5-day format for ICONIX Open Enrollment Training

    object modeling, we've developed roadmaps for modeling Service Oriented Architectures, Modeling Embedded Systems using SysML, Business Process Modeling, and Design Driven Testing. Now we're delivering a 5 day series of "training modules" called Hands On...

  • How to Create Project-specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily

    unsplash-logoMr Cup / Fabien Barral Have you ever wanted to generate code from your Enterprise Architect UML or SysML models? Have you tried to customize Enterprise Architect’s code template framework? Do not give up the dream of project-specific code...

  • Acceleration and Jerk of a Moving Object with a Spring-Damper buffer using SysML and OpenModelica

    (rail-speak for same direction as the rails) which makes it a 1-Dimensional study. In this example I used SparxEA and SysML which leverages the OpenModelica library (which graciously provides functions for derivatives, etc.). The modeling approach...

  • Model Conveter from ChangeVision Astah

    in Sequence diagrams is not supported. Positions of messages in Communication diagram are not converted. You need to enable SysML 1.3 if you need to convert SysML Requirements. Style of Nesting connectors in SysML Requirement diagrams is not converted....

  • DT Consulting talk about the development of their online training environment.

    from his article; Learn through pictures: Fundamentals of HTML Reporting. Phil decided that with the latest version of SysML he would do a complete rebuild of our SysML and EA training course and so SysML 1.3 made practical using Enterprise Architect...

  • Lower maintenance costs for SAP solutions with model-driven development

    Europe. Model-based development with UML growing in popularity Model-based development based on the graphical language UML/SysML (Unified Modeling Language/System Engineering Modeling Language) continues to find its way into more industrial sectors. The...

  • New "more agile" version of Agile/ICONIX add-in available

    . There are 3 notable new capabilities of the new add-in: 1) Support for "DDT/Systems" - Design Driven Testing for SysML models, including automatic generation of interface tests from SysML IBDs, and automatic generation of state machine testing,...

  • Date Change Announcement for ICONIX Washington DC Public Class

    modeling, BPEL code generation, and Behavioral Code Generation from Business Rules. Friday: Embedded Systems Modeling with SysML Students will useEnterprise Architect Systems Engineering Edition to model a 2-way wristwatch TV in SysML, using the ICONIX...

  • CodeBot UX is available to early access users

    development paradigm where CodeBot effectively serves as a UMLcompiler, producing running applications directly from UML or SysML models." More about the company: Parallel Agile addresses the underlying technical issues with integrating work done by...

  • EA User Group - Presenter Spotlight; Guillaume Finance

    as a modelling and EA expert/consultant at VISEO, Guillaume also provides support, expertise & coaching services on UML, SysML and Sparx EA. Friday 8th June - Extending EA with custom scripts to cater for specific needs and user requests using Sparx API...

  • Sparx Systems University Week - March 2-9, 2018

    Entwicklung, 2 Tageskurs bei München München Deutsch Details & Registration Sparx Systems Central Europe 13.-14.02.2018 SysML mit EA, 2 Tageskurs in München München Deutsch Details & Registration Sparx Systems Central Europe 07.-08.03.2018 SysML mit EA,...


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