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  • Call for Speakers and/or Teachers – EAUG Brussels 2017

    Mapping, Process Modelling Systems Engineering Business Analysis, Requirements Management Modelling Languages (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate) SOA, DDS, GIS, NIEM Data modelling Code generation/IDE integration Project management EA-based reporting EA...

  • From Data Streams to Models (Research Project from partner: LieberLieber Software and TU Vienna)

    offering specialized products and services to users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and other well-known UML/SysML software modeling tools. LieberLieber represents a single source of competence for model-based software development and systems...

  • Show or hide Ports, Activity Parameters or Action Pins

    points of interactions (Ports). The Port type is the specification of the interaction point. It also works for: UML Port SysML Block, Part, Port Activity Parameter (no type hide/show supported) Action Pin (no type hide/show supported) Select: Nothing on...

  • Live Stream Webinar: Enterprise Architect 13 Highlights Part 2

    session, you will learn how to: Generate Dynamic Documents based on a selected Element Undertake Parametric Simulation using SysML and OpenModelica Publish models directly to Joomla! We are trialling a new webinar technology based on YouTube Live...

  • Managing a Student Project with Enterprise Architect - Part 1

    Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering ( USC CSSE ). I was on-staff at USC a few years ago teaching SysML and Model Based Systems Engineering, but for the last few years I’ve been mentoring Computer Science grad students in two...

  • New EA workshops from Dunstan Thomas

    Reporting with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; Database Modelling workshop SysML 1.4 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop BPMN 2.0 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop Scripting...

  • Branch / Merge with EA V13

    readers who don’t write use cases, replace ‘use case’ with your favourite EA element type (Requirement, Business Process, SysML Block – they all have the same issue). Team #1 created: Team #2 then produced this: Let’s think about what Team#2 just...

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Course by APG

    hands-on opportunity for learning how to capture systems engineering models with the OMG Systems Modeling Language 1.3 (OMG SysML™) using Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA). Starting with an overview of EA, students will review various configuration...

  • Enterprise Architect Training Courses available in France

    content updated with Enterprise Architect 12.1 version. 2 or 3 day thorough training courses, involving UML, BPMN2, or SysML. Optional sessions available: configure a project to be shared with other users; create an MDG Technology; implement an add-in...

  • Will the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope find Planet 9 within "the first year of data"?

    LSST team. Enterprise Architect has delivered complete requirements traceability, round-trip code engineering and detailed SysML support. Additional Resources: Case Study: Designing the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope with Enterprise Architect - PDF...

  • Capture runtime method calls with the Execution Analyzer

    modelling tool to define and maintain a structured set of models based on standard languages or notations such as UML, BPMN, SysML, or ArchiMate. Enterprise Architect includes several features to fulfill other needs, associated with functional,...

  • Validating ArchiMate models

    How does ArchiMate handle these things? Approaching abstraction In a similar way to modeling notations such as the UML and SysML , ArchiMate relies on a simple but powerful approach to creating a useful abstraction of a complex domain: Identify the...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group goes to Paris & Brussels this September

    IT and software applications, generating and validating documentation from the models, and Systems Engineering (MBSE, SysML). Enterprise Architect add ins will be shown in a dedicated area, where users and experts will be able to share their opinions...

  • Agenda for the EAUG France 2015 event available

    9:25 Gregory Weinbach Lean Enterprise Architecture 10:10 Pause café 10:40 Pascal Roques, Dominique Travel MBSE avec SysML : retours du terrain 11:25 Pause 11:35 Tobias Ivarsson Aligning international standards TOGAF® ADM and ArchiMate® in Sparx EA: A...

  • Register now for the next EAUG France, Paris on the 17/09/2015

    2015. The entry ticket costs 75€ and will give you access to talks on Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and ArchiMate, SysML, model transformation to XSD, the Schema Composer, and eaDocX collaboration edition. Most presentations are based on the...

  • Call for Speakers EA User Group France 2015

    de processus métier (BPMN) Analyse et conception d’applications informatiques Modélisation de données Ingénierie système (SysML) Modélisation de systèmes embarqués… Ou ayant des expériences concernant la mise en œuvre de l’outil : Génération de code,...

  • New Training Courses from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    learning environment. The list of options now available is; An Introduction to UML Reporting with Enterprise Architect SysML 1.3 Made Practical with Enterprise Architect Putting TOGAF into Practice with Enterprise Architect Business Process Modelling...

  • EA User Group Conference London - Call for Speakers

    Mapping, Process Modelling Systems Engineering Business Analysis, Requirements Management Modelling Languages (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate) SOA, DDS, GIS, NIEM Data modelling Code generation/IDE integration Project management EA-based reporting EA...

  • European Enterprise Architect User Group 2014

    and Phil Chudley from Dunstan Thomas will have a speech on "Blocks, Ports and Their Connections - A Practical Approach to SysML 1.3 Modeling using Enterprise Architect". These are only some of a wide variety of practical use cases that will be presented...

  • Webinar Announcement: Visualizing Your Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF and Enterprise Architect

    the next version of TOGAF currently under development. Mr. Armstrong is certified in TOGAF, ArchiMate, Open FAIR, UML, and SysML. The webinar will be held on the 19th and 20th of March. Check the registration page below for local times. For more...


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