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Monday, 11 July 2011 21:24

Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Mac and Linux

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CrossOver is one of the easiest and afforable ways to get Enterprise Architect 9.0 up and running on Mac or Linux! Watch the short instructional video, then be sure to visit the community page for Enterprise Architect 9.0 for Mac and Linux to download a free trial of CrossOver and to receive a discounted rate for purchasing CrossOver.


Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Mac with CrossOver 10.
Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Mac with CrossOver

Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Linux with CrossOver 10.
Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Linux with CrossOver

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Jana Lee Schmid

CodeWeavers (IT Manager)
CodeWeavers established in 1996, is the genius behind CrossOver. CrossOver is a Windows compatibility tool that allows Mac and Linux users to run their Windows software without a Windows OS license. CrossOver is based on an open-source technology called Wine, which is a re-developed Win32 API for Unix-based operating systems like Mac OS X and Linux. A self proclaimed “marketeer,” Jana has over six years of experience in marketing, design and promotional advertising. Since October, she has filled the position of Marketing Manager for Codeweavers.

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