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Monday, 12 September 2011 23:46

Producing Living Documentation with SPARX Enterprise Architect

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One of the most powerful side effects of the SPARX Enterprise Architect document publishing tools is that it enables the team to keep project documentation alive and current.


One of the things I hear most about out of date documentation is that it is that it is out of date because it is "a living document".  Guess what, out of date documentation is dead documentation, it is not living.  Living documentation represents the current state of the project's architecture, designs, and implementations.


The PowerPoint and video that is available for download with this article shows how SPARX Enterprise Architect can be used with an iterative development process to deliver iteration and milestone documentation that is always current.


The advantage SPARX offers is that it generates documentation.  You aren't going back through documents to find changes you have to make, you change designs, requirements, and diagrams in SPARX and SPARX takes care of creating your documentation for you.


After you get your organization's RTF templates the way you want them, your documentation remains consistent across projects.  It also becomes more re-usable.


The PowerPoint starts with a waterfall development process using traditional static templates, such as Word and Excel templates.  It shows the usual progression of a project creating deliverables that are out of date as soon as they are completed.


The undocumented code that is delivered on a project like this is legacy code before it is even promoted to production. 


The PowerPoint continues with an iterative process example using SPARX Enterprise Architect to deliver milestone deliverables and iterative updates.


Throughout the process documentation is published to an HTML site (I usually have this hosted off a SharePoint team collaboration site) that provides everyone an instant view into the current state of the project.


At the end of a phase SPARX Enterprise Architect can generate milestone documentation for deliverables that need to be signed off on, or simply handed off in hardcopy format.


SPARX Enterprise Architect provides the tools for a project to have living documentation instead of dead documentation.


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