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Monday, 03 October 2011 04:35

Requirements management in Enterprise Architect using Google Docs

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Group work in the cloud is a very convenient solution.  Anyone who has tried to write the text with another person at the same time in applications such as Google Docs knows how effective and valuable these solutions are. Thanks to products such as the aforesaid Google Docs, the group work gained another dimension.
In the present text, I will try to present how to manage requirements collected in Enterprise Architect using Google Docs spreadsheet.

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Michael Wolski

Michael Wolski (PhD. in computer science) has extensive knowledge in the areas related to software development processes, including the Rational Unified Process methodology and Agile methodologies. In addition, he is characterized by high, practical proficiency in CASE tools, which support IT systems’ design and modeling.

He is the author of several trainings and publications in the field of software engineering.  

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