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Synchronize Excel to EA using MDG Office Integration

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MDG Office Integration for excel supports the following

Import from Excel 

  • Importing artifacts from MS Excel documents
  • Synchronizing subsequent changes (additions, modifications) from the MS Excel document into EA 

Export to Excel

  • Export Enterprise Architect contents into a (pre-formatted) Excel spreadsheet

Please follow the following steps to try synchronization

  1. Import an Excel document using the profile defined for the respective worksheet
  2. Check ‘Enable Synchronization’ in the Importer dialog

  1. You will be prompted with the following dialog
    1. You can request EA to write sync data into the original file that is imported
    2. Or write the synch data to a backup file (which will then become your master copy in which subsequent changes must be done)
  2. Once you choose the backup file path and synch settings, click Apply

  1. Click Preview and Import in the Importer dialog
  2. Upon successful completion of import, the synch data will be added to the output file

  1. Make changes to the synchronization file (where the Synch information has been written)
  2. The Synchronization file, which becomes your masterfile, must be reimported using the same steps as above to ensure the contents are synchronized.
  3. You will notice that the EA artifacts are ‘Updated’ instead of ‘Added’

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