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  • UML Class Modeling -- 5 -- Refining the Model

    The duration of this video is 5 minutes and 35 seconds and it is part five of a seven part series.

  • UML Class Modeling -- 4 -- Finding Generalizations

    Please Note: The duration of this video is 6 minutes and 23 seconds and it is part four of a seven part series.

  • UML Class Modeling -- 6 -- Layout, Attributes, Operations

    The duration of this video is 12 minutes and 14 seconds and it is part six of a seven part series.

  • UML Class Modeling -- 7 -- Extending the Model

    The duration of this video is 10 minutes and 35 seconds and it is the last of a seven part series.

  • Publication of new book -- Patterns of Data Modeling

    star schema, archetypes for representing commonly found concepts, and canonical models for tough problems. The book uses the UML class model as its primary notation. Enterprise Architect was used to prepare the UML models.

  • Sparx Systems Supports GEOSS

    Enterprise Architect, the full life cycle, UML modeling tool from Sparx Systems, is made freely* available to the GEOSS community via the Component and Service Registry. Licences can be accessed here...

  • CaliberRM – Enterprise Architect Integration Add-In Demonstration Webinar from Dunstan Thomas

    / Enterprise Architect Integration Add-In. This webinar will be hosted by Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant & OMG Certified UML Professional at Dunstan Thomas. CaliberRM is a requirements management tool from Microfocus and is widely used by...

  • Official Release: MDG Technology for ArcGIS™

    With the release of Enterprise Architect 9.3, Build 931, Sparx Systems announced the official release of its UML profile for modeling, importing and exporting ArcGIS geodatabase schemas. MDG Technology for ArcGIS is designed to enchance the work of...

  • Tooling Challenge

    through sponsorship of the HL7 Tooling Challenge and offering the Academic Licensing program. The challenge is to create a UML profile that correctly describes MIF (Model Interchange Format) static models to the extent allowed by the UML language. The...

  • Developing Standards for SmartGrid

    for vendors as they develop Smart Grid solutions. It also gives Smart Grid product purchasers more choices. The official CIM UML model (approved by IEC WG 13 and 14) for use by CIMug members is available here:...

  • The Logical Model

    rigorous and design focused model. This discussion relates mainly to the Class Model The Class Model A Class is a standard UML construct used to detail the pattern from which objects will be produced at run-time. A class is a specification - an object...

  • Webinar; Deployment Options of Enterprise Architect

    Architect, specifically, version 7.5 The webinar is presented by Phil Chudley one of the Senior Consultants and OMG Certified UML Professionals at Dunstan Thomas. Agenda: Provide an overview of the projects within Enterprise Architect & when to use:...

  • Discover and use EA Diagram Filters

    illustrate the purpose of Diagram Filters: 1- filter dependency connectors between provided and required interfaces on a UML Component diagram, 2- show differences between the specifications and two implementations through the use of UML State Chart...

  • Technology Models & Carbon Emissions Monitoring

    Models The most important criteria for building core logical models for carbon emissions monitoring are Ability to use UML, the most widely used modelling language Ability to model from concept to code i.e. a) Business vision, concepts and requirements...

  • eBook: 20 Terabytes A Night

    The sheer size and complex nature of LSST, bring a unique set of challenges and a massive software modeling endeavor. UML and ICONIX process are critically important in such an undertaking. Includes an in-depth discussion of tailoring ICONIX Process to...

  • The Value of an Enterprise Information Model

    builders and users. Enterprise Information Management A centrally managed model can be version controlled. Business Domain UML Models can be deployed as a metadata database to enable cohesion across business areas by deployment as an integration data...

  • BigLever Software Delivers New Integration Solution for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    line portfolio in a single, consolidated MDD model, as a highly scalable alternative to cloned copies or one-size-fits-all UML and SysML models. Automatically configure Enterprise Architect models for different products by making feature choices in a...

  • SVG Diagram Export Add-In

    Enterprise Architect comes with very powerful import and export capabilities for models and diagrams. But what we have always been missing is an export format for diagrams that generates really portable vector graphics (and not just Windows-only...

  • Where Technology meets Business

    36 distinct types of retail peripherals and these models are documented using the widely accepted Unified Modeling Language (UML). NRF-ARTS The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation, is a...

  • Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch Software is a proud partner of Sparx Systems and is pleased to sell and support their industry-leading UML CASE tool, Enterprise Architect. We love engaging with the Sparx Community, and as part of this, we host User Groups in New Zealand and...


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