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  • The TOGAF MDG Extension; An Overview

    Technology for TOGAF Features A visual clickable Interface for ADM Useful starter model to help you become productive quickly UML profiles for FEAF Business, Performance, Service and Technical Reference Models Efficient relationship management for model...

  • AMUSE 2.2 - "Free Edition"

    Download Free Edition or request the trial license for the Professional Edition: AMUSE Features Free Edition Pro Edition UML-Model execution in Enterprise Architect • • Event simulation • • Monitoring attribute values • • Validation and auto-correction...

  • Design Driven Testing for ArcGIS Server Development

    with Sparx Systems to produce a uniquely powerful set of capabilities for driving testing from Enterprise Architect UML and SysML models. By combining the functionality of Sparx's structured scenario editor and that of the Agile/ICONIX add-in, it's now...

  • Navigate from and to Composite Diagrams with EA Navigator

    make extensive use of the composite diagram mechanism in EA to drill-down on the processes and sub-processes. In a classical UML model we usually place the composite diagram under the element, in which case finding the composite diagram, or finding the...

  • eaUtils addin: sorting, alias generation and breadcrumb trail features

    case aliases according to their order in a diagram e.g. UC_001, UC_002.... It also can be applied to other diagrams such as UML activity, BPMN process, Archimate, etc. Consider the following use case diagram: Note: use cases on the above diagram are...

  • The Dynamic Model

    the rules that govern that change. State charts typically have a start and end condition. Process Model A process model is a UML extension of an activity diagram used to model a business process - this diagram shows what goal the process has, the...

  • Shaping Service Orientation using Smart Use Cases

    especially in service oriented architecture projects. In most projects Enterprise Architect is used with a smart use case UML profile to quickly model and even estimate smart use cases. When applying smart use cases to service oriented architecture,...

  • Design Driven Testing for Systems

    Design Driven Testing (DDT) for software was first outlined in the book Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice (by Doug Rosenberg and Matt Stephens), and then described in detail in Design Driven Testing: Test Smarter, Not Harder...

  • New: Dunstan Thomas Consulting MDG Workshop

    the new one day MDG Workshop! Overview Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides modelling extensions to supplement UML through a technology known as Model Driven Generator or MDG. Tools are provided in Enterprise Architect for experienced users to...

  • Show or hide Ports, Activity Parameters or Action Pins

    specified points of interactions (Ports). The Port type is the specification of the interaction point. It also works for: UML Port SysML Block, Part, Port Activity Parameter (no type hide/show supported) Action Pin (no type hide/show supported) Select:...

  • The Logical Model

    rigorous and design focused model. This discussion relates mainly to the Class Model The Class Model A Class is a standard UML construct used to detail the pattern from which objects will be produced at run-time. A class is a specification - an object...

  • Free Webinar on A Model-driven Approach to Enterprise Architecture

    available to project teams implementing the architectural vision. This webinar will walk through a sample model to show how UML was extended to create a modeling framework specific to each of the architectural views (Business, Application, Data, and...

  • The Business Solutions Integrated Framework - BSIF

    IIBA based analaysis and design approaches Image Control Letting you decide what to show on your diagrams Full support for UML, BPMN, TOGAF and Archimate notations in EA. Download the attached article below - it provides an introduction to the origins...

  • Enterprise Architect Seminar in China

    Code Engineering, Report Generation, etc. Language: The seminar will be presented in Chinese. For More Details: http://www.uml.org.cn/ToolsEA/cphd.asp

  • Validating ArchiMate models

    states. How does ArchiMate handle these things? Approaching abstraction In a similar way to modeling notations such as the UML and SysML , ArchiMate relies on a simple but powerful approach to creating a useful abstraction of a complex domain: Identify...

  • Sparx Systems sponsors 30th ISO/TC 211 meeting

    information, using Enterprise Architect to represent information models. Enterprise Architect has been widely adopted for UML modeling within the geospatial community. On Monday the 24th of May there will be an Interoperability Workshop, to present...

  • Enterprise Architect RTF Document Template Workshop

    partner for Sparx Systems Australia and provides formal training, consulting and hands-on mentoring in Enterprise Architect, UML, SysML and BPMN.

  • LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 was released today.

    Today we launch LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 ! The next evolution of our leading edge UML/SysML Simulation and Execution extension for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems . You can get your copy for Evaluation from: here Find more Details on our Blog:...

  • Submission Guidelines

    associated with Enterprise Architect such asscripts, add-in code samples, document templates, images, MDG technologies, UML patterns, profiles, sample models etc. All code should be well commented and easy to read. All resources should be tested...

  • Importing requirements from Excel to Enterprise Architect with eaDocX for a model-driven approach to build the RFP response

    "response" stereotyped requirements and Feature elements. Associate these elements to the client's requirements. Creating UML/BPMN diagrams to suggest an architecture, illustrate the solution or an option to one or several requirements. Assessing and...


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