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  • Download APG ModelFlow Trial for Enterprise Architect

    element and connector content from any ODBC, SQL, and CSV data source Align with existing and custom MDG Technologies and UML Profiles Synchronize with existing elements and connectors using any property or tagged value Map columns to any EA element or...

  • Free and Open-Source add-in EA Navigator

    such as primitives. Other Resources Blog posts about EA Navigator Source Code on GitHub Enterprise Architect Add-in Framework UML Tooling Framework

  • Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reporting in the Cloud

    gas emissions for Australia's National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting in Sparx Enterprise Architect. The solution has a UML model at its core that has been used to generate a database to connect to data from electricity, transport and other industrial...

  • Set all line styles in an Enterprise Architect diagram automatically

    the default for Generalization to be Tree Style, but that is it. For me that is not enough. I have my own habits when making UML diagrams. For most connector types I use Orthogonal – Square , but not for dependencies, use case relations and note links....

  • Architecture Based Approach to Semantic Interoperability and Information Protection

    Paper describing an Architectural approach to Semantic Interoperability and information protections using UML and UPDM. ASMG supports this approach using Enterprise Architect and its UPDM extension.

  • Enterprise Architect 9.2 Released

    evaluation. Take control using the new Breakpoints and Events window. Introducing support for Baseline Diagram Comparison, UML 2.4.1, BPMN 2.0 Simulation, GDB Debugging and much more. Download today to experience hundreds of productivity enhancements...

  • Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch Software is a proud partner of Sparx Systems and is pleased to sell and support their industry-leading UML CASE tool, Enterprise Architect . We love engaging with the Sparx Community, and as part of this, we host User Groups in New Zealand and...

  • Submission Guidelines

    associated with Enterprise Architect such as scripts, add-in code samples, document templates, images, MDG technologies, UML patterns, profiles, sample models etc. The title should describe what the resource is, in broad terms and the function it...

  • MANEA - a new integration tool for Mantis Bug Tracker and Enterprise Architect

    integrated into Enterprise Architect The possibility to manage notifications about errors on the basis of the model made in UML Ease of installation in the MANTIS system because MANEA is a standard plugin Support for repositories of errors and models...

  • Data Modeling - Logical and Conceptual MDA Transforms

    it to the Logical level – eliminating Primary Keys, Foreign keys, Identifiers and simplifying the Field types to standard UML typing. Logical to Conceptual transform This simplifies the Logical diagram by removing the Attributes to give the simple...

  • Sparx Systems to present at Geospatial World Forum

    as a global SME, engages with this community through the provision of Enterprise Architect, accepted as one the most popular UML modelling and design tools within the sector. For more about the Geospatial World Forum visit www.geospatialworldforum.org

  • Requirements Management in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    and convenient as in ERA Addin, but important thing is that you will not break anything! ERA Addin does not use any custom UML Profile, it works with default, built-in Requirement type. So you can start using it on your already created requirement...

  • Are you an expert in MDG Technologies with Enterprise Architect?

    SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got that covered. The deal is: You send us some real-world example documents and EA models using these model styles...

  • "Probably the largest collection of Sparx EA talent ever assembled"

    , and started by encouraging us to think about using languages that our customers can understand – Russian, German, English, UML, SysML, he had them all covered – before describing his work with executable models. Ian Mitchell from eaDocX , did two...

  • Trac-Car Recognised for Technology Innovation at UNFCCC

    to understand and reduce their own emissions. The core of the reporting has been generated from an Enterprise Architect UML model, and the cloud platform is designed to connect to existing meters, spreadsheets, databases etc and capture accurate,...

  • CIO Review: Sparx Systems Productivity Tool Vendor Top 20

    platform for the planning, design, and construction of software intensive systems based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML)." The selection committee of prominent CEO's, CIO's and analysts, including the CIO Review's editorial board was responsible...

  • DoxyGen Code Templates for Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect provides a number of code templates that specify the transformation from UML elements to the various parts of a given programming language. The following tutorial demonstrates how to modify a base code template to add support for...

  • Enterprise Architect Tips Compilation- 1

    custom stereotypes and Tagged Values Save custom stereotypes with tagged values as profile items and import into Resources-> UML Profiles to simplify modeling. Figure 23 Simplify Modeling with custom stereotypes and Tagged Values Tip #24: Synchronize...

  • Enterprise Architect - Exploring the tool

    we would now share these with the wider EA community. In these videos Phil Chudley , Principal Consultant & OMG Certified UML Professional at DT Consulting, will be walking us through the Sparx Systems modelling tool, Enterprise Architect. This series...

  • From Data Streams to Models (Research Project from partner: LieberLieber Software and TU Vienna)

    engineering, offering specialized products and services to users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and other well-known UML/SysML software modeling tools. LieberLieber represents a single source of competence for model-based software development and...


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