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  • Creating a UML Profile

    Assets I reuse from project to project. In the past I reused a baseline project that contained a folder structure and the UML stereotypes required to do Use Cases, Feature, and Static Modeling. I wanted to enhance that package a little by creating a UML...

  • SD Times - How UML makes a DevOps-driven digital transformation possible

    of SD Times, reporter Alexandra Weber Morales has interviewed Sparx Systems CEO, Geoffrey Sparks about the prevalence of UML in DevOps culture. Morales, who originally profiled Sparx Systems over 10 years ago, reconnected again to ask about the Sparx...

  • Agile and Smart Modeling with UML and SysML

    This animated short case study of 18 diagram slides presentation illustrates how simple UML and SysML diagrams can be successfully used there to enhance requirement traceability till software architecture layers in order to better dealing with...

  • Do Androids dream of UML models?

    Enterrprise Architect to reverse engineer the Android version 1.6 SDK (as used in the brilliant Google Nexus 7 tablet) into a UML model. He started the process by clicking the menu: Tools > Source Code Engineering > Import Source directory… Colin then...

  • Global Carbon Data - UML Model Led Architecture

    a climate change specific cloud hosted knowledge base. The implementation of Global Carbon Data is being developed around a UML model that provides a data model for Energy and Carbon Emissions generated using MDA transformation from classes to data...

  • UML and BPMN with Enterprise Architect Training in Johannesburg

    CRaG Systems has scheduled a number of public courses in Johannesburg , South Africa teaching model-driven development with UML, BPMN and Enterprise Architect. The courses take place over the five days of one full working week on a regular basis at the...

  • Feedback on the EA User Group London 2017: presentations, case studies and user stories

    recommendations when introducing a modelling approach within a project or company : To start with, a modelling language (e.g. UML, SysML...) and a tool (EA) must be chosen. A method is paramount to structure the modelling approach and processes. The...

  • Feedback from the EA User Group London 2013

    I attended: "Modeling Software Intensive Systems" by Doug Rosenberg from ICONIX, hinting the concept of SwissML (SysML + UML) to reach the same amount of specifications for both software and hardware blocks of an embedded system. Doug discussed about...

  • UML Patterns

    pattern elements to meet the demands of the current engagement. Before using a pattern it must first be created as a standard UML diagram and then saved as an XML pattern file. This XML file can then be imported as a UML Resource that can be used in any...

  • Modeling your domain models in UML using Enterprise Architect

    from the domain. An important question to answer is what to model about the objects in that domain and how to model this in UML class diagrams. This tutorial shows you how can achieve this, using Enterprise Architect....

  • ICONIX Process for Service-Oriented Architecture - A roadmap for SOA development w/ web services

    describe our system, and shows relationships between objects in the problem domain. In most cases these relationships include UML generalization and aggregation relationships (not shown here). Business Rules are represented in Enterprise Architect as...

  • New Training Courses from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    available via the Dunstan Thomas virtual learning environment. The list of options now available is; An Introduction to UML Reporting with Enterprise Architect SysML 1.3 Made Practical with Enterprise Architect Putting TOGAF into Practice with...

  • EA UML meta model

    This EA model was created by first loading the xmi file provided by the OMG into StarUML, then exporting it as xmi and importing it in EA. Provided as such without warranty for completeness.

  • Sparx Senior Analyst presenting at ESRI Conference 2016

    the conference. This year Sparx Systems staff are looking forward to demonstrating its solutions for geodatabase design with UML (Booth #2440). Sparx Systems Senior Analyst, Ben Constable will be presenting at a session titled "Model and Generate your...

  • Dunstan Thomas launch online training service.

    The Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) The Unified Modelling Language (UML) ArchiMate Available Courses An Introduction to UML Reporting with Enterprise Architect SysML 1.3 Made Practical with...

  • Custom Progress Bars in EA version 13 Beta

    feature can be used with EA version 13. For this mini-tutorial I will show the addition of three Custom Progress Bars to a UML Component Element. These Custom Progress Bars will show: The current total cost of development The current total of man hours...

  • Sparx Systems University Week: Japan, USA & Europe

    System Development Online Delivery English Details & Registration Sparx Systems Central Europe Mon 24 - Tue 25 July CEST UML for Developers with Enterprise Architect Vienna, Austria English Details & Registration Sparx Services North America Tues 25...

  • Model Led Development for Greenhouse Gas Reporting

    manual information gathering from multiple sources, spreadsheets, databases, meters and output from statistical reports. A UML model can be used to semi automate cloud hosted software services. It is possible to set up an automated reporting system...

  • Debug Model & Code side by side

    There are a number of techniques available that allow code generation from a UML model. Learn how to debug the modeled behavior using both UML and the generated code. The following video shows the first integration between the modeling environment:...

  • Feedback from the EAUG Paris 2015

    at defining the target vision for a large company’s IT. The metamodel was defined in Sparx EA through an MDG Technology with UML profiles and toolboxes. The following quote was particularly notable: “The best model is the one that we haven’t done”. It...


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