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  • Enterprise Architect Seminar in Beijing,China

    Language: The seminar will be presented in Chinese. 语言: 中文。 Register: You can call (+86) 010-62670835 or mail to teacher@uml.net.cn to contact us to register for this seminar 报名方式: 拨打电话 010-62670835 或邮件至 teacher@uml.net.cn For More Details:...

  • Nonlinear generation of documentation in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    is written by Business Analysts, System Analysts and Architects as a text documents in Microsoft Word with a set of UML diagrams exported from some modeling tool. It is a terrible but extremely popular way of documenting IT systems (for many reasons...

  • Dunstan Thomas Consulting training helps Waitrose to optimise use of Sparx Enterprise Architect

    its existing investment in EA skills and software Background Waitrose IT has used Sparx Enterprise Architect since 2008 for UML modelling as part of the Partnership Systems Development Methodology (PSDM). This methodology is used across the John Lewis...

  • Tassc introduces new BPMN training for Enterprise Architect

    and visually document their business processes. Tassc now offers new BPMN training combined with Enterprise Architect and UML: EA for Business Analysts – 1½ days Ideal for business and systems analysts who already have experience of using BPMN and UML...

  • DT Consulting talk about the development of their online training environment.

    course (this session is included in every subscription) but we were also able to launch the adapted Introduction to UML session. What comes next? The upcoming releases for the DT Consulting on-line training courses are as follows; Business Process...

  • Model Organization with Packages and the Package Diagram

    It is no coincidence that the package element in UML is represented by a folder icon, similar to directories in a file system Graphical User Interface (GUI). Packages are used to organize the elements of a model just as folders are used to organize...

  • Time Aware Modelling in EA version 13 Beta

    becomes far easier as I hope this tutorial will illustrate. Creating the As-Is Model For this tutorial I will create a simple UML Model of a basic power supply, although Time Aware Modelling can be applied to any model. Using EA version 13 Beta, create...

  • Enterprise Architect Tips Compilation- 2

    Tip #36: Export Tagged Values Use 'Export Reference Data' ( Project | Model Import/Export) and select 'Property Types' from 'UML Types' to export 'Tagged Values'. Tip #37: Diagram Legend Use 'Diagram Legend' to assist in distinguishing different...

  • UML Profile for Developing Airworthiness- Compliant (RTCA DO-178B) Software

    Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification". Find attached the White Paper including links to the UML Profile and a DO-178B glossary.

  • New Year, New Hippo Software Enterprise Architect Training Courses

    Enterprise Architect training courses: EA Essentials [1 day] EA for Business Analysts [2 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days] EA Requirements with Use Cases [2 days] EA Business Process...

  • The Power of Instance Classifier

    This tutorial is about a strange corner of UML - and of EA - which you may have noticed, but perhaps not used. But it's one which has a surprising power to make your models easier to understand and to manage, AND which can deliver new insights to your...

  • The Well Dressed Model

    is totally confused at what’s in the package, they can always email the author… 2 Notes, notes, notes I’ve been teaching UML and other modelling techniques for more than 15 years, so apologies to all former students for repeating this. If you’re in that...

  • MARTE profile for Enterprise Architect

    MARTE profile for Enterprise Architect The UML Profile for MARTE: Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems ( www.sysml4industry.org ) MARTE profile adds capabilities to UML for model-driven development of Real Time and Embedded Systems...

  • Introducing RepoDoc, a document generator for Enterprise Architect

    Please install RepoDoc first and follow these steps: Open the EAExample.eap model in Enterprise Architect and select the UML Modeling package in the Project browser. Right-click on the selected package and choose Extensions -> RepoDoc -> Control Panel....

  • eMoflon: Leveraging EMF and Professional CASE Tools

    various factors that led to our decision to re-engineer the old system, sharing our experience in tailoring a professional UML CASE tool for our frontend, explaining how we combined EMF and Eclipse technologies with a generic model transformation...

  • Embedded Engineering made easy with Enterprise Architect

    ✓ Improved C code generation ✓ Efficient C++ code generation ✓ Debugging on the model level (UML) ✓ User code synchronization ✓ Requirements Tracing LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enterprise Architect Version 2.0 offers improved code generation...

  • ICONIX Process for Embedded Systems - A roadmap for embedded system development using SysML

    of Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering edition, which supports advanced features such as executable code generation from UML models (including support for hardware description languages such as Verilog and VHDL), executable SysML Parametric...

  • The Unified Modeling Language Celebrates 15th Anniversary

    Sparx Systems would like to wish UML a happy 15th Birthday. UML has had a significant influence on software development and the development of object orientated systems. The image below was taken in front of the Sparx Systems booth at the September OMG...

  • Using Visual Styles in Enterprise Architect to Improve Diagram Appearance

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a great tool to produce and organise your models using UML, SysML, BPMN or other modelling languages or notations. In some cases, the default rendering of elements on certain types of diagrams lacks a suitable...

  • Migrating COOL:Teamwork models into a modern CASE tool

    A UML/MOF METAMODEL FOR HATLEY-PIRBHAI SYSTEM SPECIFICATION An UnCOOL situation Figure 1: Uncool TeamWork, was a structured engineering tool for requirements documentation and systems design of real-time and embedded software. Sterling Software...


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