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  • Hello CodeBot - a simple, secure, rich media, low code application

    World” programs as a way to help you learn a new programming language. CodeBot™ generates and deploys web applications from UML models with virtually no programming (literally speaking, the model is the code). So what does “Hello World” look like when...

  • EA UML meta model

    This EA model was created by first loading the xmi file provided by the OMG into StarUML, then exporting it as xmi and importing it in EA. Provided as such without warranty for completeness.

  • An Overview of AMUSE

    of a new Add-In called AMUSE for Enterprise Architect version 8.862. An Overview of AMUSE AMUSE (Advanced Modeling in UML with Simulation and Execution) is an Add-In for EA 8.0 Build 862 or EA 7.5 Build 850 or higher is required (EA Systems Engineering...

  • DT Consulting talk about the development of their online training environment.

    course (this session is included in every subscription) but we were also able to launch the adapted Introduction to UML session. What comes next? The upcoming releases for the DT Consulting on-line training courses are as follows; Business Process...

  • The European EA User Group needs your help!

    Can you help us? Planning is underway for this year's UK UserGroup Event in May with the new features of EA12 to discover and best practice from users around Europe to share. But unfortunately the venue we hoped to use is not now available Do you have...

  • Prolaborate 3.4 released: custom properties, diagram editor, custom logs path, dashboard collaboration

    Architect fields such as the name, alias, notes... can be selected to define the available details for web users (e.g. on UML classes). This new feature supports custom properties based on queries to display details on a selected element that are not...

  • WebEA hosted in a loadbalanced scenario

    PHP has a very powerful session handling mechanism. By default it uses files, but you can use MemCache, MemCached or Redis, too and in some cases SQLite could be an option. These scenarios are provided with simple configuration settings. But if you...

  • Feedback from the EA User Group London 2013

    I attended: "Modeling Software Intensive Systems" by Doug Rosenberg from ICONIX, hinting the concept of SwissML (SysML + UML) to reach the same amount of specifications for both software and hardware blocks of an embedded system. Doug discussed about...

  • Feedback on the EA User Group London 2017: presentations, case studies and user stories

    recommendations when introducing a modelling approach within a project or company: To start with, a modelling language (e.g. UML, SysML...) and a tool (EA) must be chosen. A method is paramount to structure the modelling approach and processes. The...

  • UML Patterns

    pattern elements to meet the demands of the current engagement. Before using a pattern it must first be created as a standard UML diagram and then saved as an XML pattern file. This XML file can then be imported as a UML Resource that can be used in any...

  • ICONIX Process for Service-Oriented Architecture - A roadmap for SOA development w/ web services

    describe our system, and shows relationships between objects in the problem domain. In most cases these relationships include UML generalization and aggregation relationships (not shown here). Business Rules are represented in Enterprise Architect as...

  • Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reporting in the Cloud

    gas emissions for Australia's National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting in Sparx Enterprise Architect. The solution has a UML model at its core that has been used to generate a database to connect to data from electricity, transport and other industrial...

  • New Training Courses from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    available via the Dunstan Thomas virtual learning environment. The list of options now available is; An Introduction to UML Reporting with Enterprise Architect SysML 1.3 Made Practical with Enterprise Architect Putting TOGAF into Practice with...

  • Automatically trace elements to domain model in Enterprise Architect

    This script will search the text in the comments, scenario’s and linked document of the selected elements for terms in the domain model. If it finds a match it will create a trace from your selected element to the element in the domain model. The idea...

  • Capture runtime method calls with the Execution Analyzer

    used as a modelling tool to define and maintain a structured set of models based on standard languages or notations such as UML, BPMN, SysML, or ArchiMate. Enterprise Architect includes several features to fulfill other needs, associated with...

  • Time Aware Modelling in EA version 13 Beta

    becomes far easier as I hope this tutorial will illustrate. Creating the As-Is Model For this tutorial I will create a simple UML Model of a basic power supply, although Time Aware Modelling can be applied to any model. Using EA version 13 Beta, create...

  • Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

    architecture, business process, data and design models. ACCA identified EA as an environment supporting ArchiMate, BPMN and UML in a single repository. The aim was to bring together all these various disciplines and allow traceability between high level...

  • EA User Group London 2018 feedback

    for instance sousers only work with SysML 1.5 elements and diagrams, and will never come across other SysML versions, or UML, BPMN, ArchiMate and so son. Custom perspectives can be defined to select a range of technologies e.g. UML and BPMN. Note: I...

  • Defining QuickLinkers using Enterprise Architect 14

    filtering in classifiers, defining stereotypes connectors between stereotypes and so on. Each rule can be created in the UML profile between the defined stereotypes. Assuming you’ve good knowledge in Defining Customized MDG Technology, Let’s see in...

  • Enterprise Architect 15 beta preview

    Custom Diagram Drawing Style Custom style is a new diagram property option. It is used to remove notation-specific details (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate…), making diagrams more easily understood by stakeholders. Custom applications view: Standard BPMN...


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