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  • Let’s get specific about what Parallel Agile CodeBot™ Generates

    already know, CodeBot generates database schema, database access functions, and a REST API to access the database from a UML domain model. But you might not know specifically how the class diagram is interpreted during code generation. Here’s a simple...

  • Prolaborate Data Modelling support to customize forms for DB Reverse models

    procedures, functions from all major DBMS (SQL server, MySQL, Postgres, etc.). This is achieved with built-in stereotyped UML classes, attributes and operations. When such information is shared outside Enterprise Architect tool, it is important to...

  • Sparx Services Central Europe | Business Transformation in the Financial Sector

    Norbert Schattner of ifb Group was significantly involved in Norbert Schattner of ifb Group was significantly involved in the development of the reference architecture REFRAME for over ten years. REFRAME is based on the SPARX Enterprise Architect...

  • Tutorial: How to create a full-stack React Bootstrap UI from your EA model in under 10 minutes

    Step 4: Design the wireframes EA has a UI wireframe designer built-in. Because the wireframes are fully integrated into the UML model, you can link together wireframe elements, classes, states and other elements… so everything fits together in the...

  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    EA-Bridges to look for EA profiles in the same folder (in Eclipse: 'Window' -> 'Preferences' -> 'YAKINDU EA-Bridge' -> 'UML' -> 'Profile Locations'). Once this is done you can start experimenting with the example as shown in the screenshot above.

  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    EA-Bridges to look for EA profiles in the same folder (in Eclipse: 'Window' -> 'Preferences' -> 'YAKINDU EA-Bridge' -> 'UML' -> 'Profile Locations'). Once this is done you can start experimenting with the example as shown in the screenshot above.

  • Custom Progress Bars in EA version 13 Beta

    feature can be used with EA version 13. For this mini-tutorial I will show the addition of three Custom Progress Bars to a UML Component Element. These Custom Progress Bars will show: The current total cost of development The current total of man hours...

  • Sparx Systems University Week: Japan, USA & Europe

    System Development Online Delivery English Details & Registration Sparx Systems Central Europe Mon 24 - Tue 25 July CEST UML for Developers with Enterprise Architect Vienna, Austria English Details & Registration Sparx Services North America Tues 25...

  • Tassc introduces new BPMN training for Enterprise Architect

    and visually document their business processes. Tassc now offers new BPMN training combined with Enterprise Architect and UML: EA for Business Analysts – 1½ days Ideal for business and systems analysts who already have experience of using BPMN and UML...

  • Enterprise Architect Seminar in Beijing,China

    Language: The seminar will be presented in Chinese. 语言:中文。 Register: You can call (+86) 010-62670835 or mail to teacher@uml.net.cn to contact us to register for this seminar 报名方式:拨打电话 010-62670835 或邮件至 teacher@uml.net.cn For More Details:...

  • Adding a UI (prototype) layer to Model Simulations in EA

    Following on from my previous post on creating and simulating state machines in Enterprise Architect (EA), I will walk through the process of adding a UI to prototype and further interactivity to your model. If you recall the previous article, I walked...

  • Model Organization with Packages and the Package Diagram

    It is no coincidence that the package element in UML is represented by a folder icon, similar to directories in a file system Graphical User Interface (GUI). Packages are used to organize the elements of a model just as folders are used to organize...

  • Debug Model & Code side by side

    There are a number of techniques available that allow code generation from a UML model. Learn how to debug the modeled behavior using both UML and the generated code. The following video shows the first integration between the modeling environment:...

  • Enterprise Architect Tips Compilation- 2

    Tip #36: Export Tagged Values Use 'Export Reference Data' ( Project | Model Import/Export) and select 'Property Types' from 'UML Types' to export 'Tagged Values'. Tip #37: Diagram Legend Use 'Diagram Legend' to assist in distinguishing different...

  • Migrating COOL:Teamwork models into a modern CASE tool

    A UML/MOF METAMODEL FOR HATLEY-PIRBHAI SYSTEM SPECIFICATION An UnCOOL situation Figure 1: Uncool TeamWork, was a structured engineering tool for requirements documentation and systems design of real-time and embedded software. Sterling Software...

  • Nonlinear generation of documentation in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    is written by Business Analysts, System Analysts and Architects as a text documents in Microsoft Word with a set of UML diagrams exported from some modeling tool. It is a terrible but extremely popular way of documenting IT systems (for many reasons...

  • Ready to use Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprise Architect user community

    Sparx Systems suite of products enables enterprise architecture, process management and informed decision making. We are committed to ensuring that you stay connected and continue working in the current scenario. Companies around the globe have rolled...

  • Remote Delivery; Work Safe, Work Smart

    courses to bring them in line with EA 15: Business Process Modelling with BPMN 2.0 and EA Reporting with Enterprise Architect UML with Enterprise Architect for Beginners For users of older versions of EA we also have a host of courses available for EA...

  • Enterprise Architect 16 Menus and Shortcuts – A Detailed Comparison to EA 14 and EA 15

    File Configure (Settings EA 16) Project Options Configure | Options Configure | Model | Options Settings | Model | Options UML Types (Stereotypes / Tagged Values / Cardinality Values) Configure | UML Types Configure | Reference Data | UML Types Settings...

  • UML Profile for Developing Airworthiness- Compliant (RTCA DO-178B) Software

    Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification". Find attached the White Paper including links to the UML Profile and a DO-178B glossary.


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