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  • New Year, New Hippo Software Enterprise Architect Training Courses

    Enterprise Architect training courses: EA Essentials [1 day] EA for Business Analysts [2 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days] EA Requirements with Use Cases [2 days] EA Business Process...

  • New Enterprise Architect Workshops and SysML Training Courses

    Enterprise Architect workshops are highly practical ½ day and 1 day training sessions designed to provide revision on UML and BPMN concepts and notation, and increase confidence in creating UML and BPMN models within Enterprise Architect. These are...

  • New Training Courses from Dunstan Thomas

    to suit the specific needs of our clients. We have a selection of courses which are suited to attendees with little or no UML experience, Business Analysts, Systems Engineers, Solution & Systems Architects, Developers, Project Managers and Testers. New...

  • Sparx Systems to attend the 2012 ESRI User Conference

    Sparx Systems at booth: #2100 Presentation by Sparx Systems: Title: Model Driven Development of ArcGIS Geodatabases with UML 2 Session: Geodatabase Design Strategies Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Room: 28 A This presentation...

  • The Unified Modeling Language Celebrates 15th Anniversary

    Sparx Systems would like to wish UML a happy 15th Birthday. UML has had a significant influence on software development and the development of object orientated systems. The image below was taken in front of the Sparx Systems booth at the September OMG...

  • Using embedded C Code Generation with EA

    Welcome to our UML - Getting Started. In this tutorial, everything revolves around the first practical steps in the world of Embedded UML. With the help of a tiny object-oriented UML-Blinky we will make a small journey through the UML and enlighten the...

  • Project Documentation with Enterprise Architect

    Overview It is not an easy step to go from reading about UML and UML tools to handling a real project documentation. In reality project documentation consists of documents in different formats: text, diagrams, presentations and lately even media files....

  • eMoflon: Leveraging EMF and Professional CASE Tools

    various factors that led to our decision to re-engineer the old system, sharing our experience in tailoring a professional UML CASE tool for our frontend, explaining how we combined EMF and Eclipse technologies with a generic model transformation...

  • The Well Dressed Model

    is totally confused at what’s in the package, they can always email the author… 2 Notes, notes, notes I’ve been teaching UML and other modelling techniques for more than 15 years, so apologies to all former students for repeating this. If you’re in that...

  • The Power of Instance Classifier

    This tutorial is about a strange corner of UML - and of EA - which you may have noticed, but perhaps not used. But it's one which has a surprising power to make your models easier to understand and to manage, AND which can deliver new insights to your...

  • Embedded Engineering made easy with Enterprise Architect

    ✓ Improved C code generation ✓ Efficient C++ code generation ✓ Debugging on the model level (UML) ✓ User code synchronization ✓ Requirements Tracing LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enterprise Architect Version 2.0 offers improved code generation...

  • MARTE profile for Enterprise Architect

    MARTE profile for Enterprise Architect The UML Profile for MARTE: Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems (www.sysml4industry.org) MARTE profile adds capabilities to UML for model-driven development of Real Time and Embedded Systems...

  • Presenting the new open source Enterprise Architect Shapescript Library

    in Enterprise Architect are used to define the presentation of elements on a diagram. They are mostly used when defining a UML profile in Enterprise Architect that extends UML or another modelling language with project specific elements and properties....

  • Sparx Systems University Week - March 2-9, 2018

    Registration Sparx Systems India 5th - 7th March 9:30am - 4:30pm IST Enterprise Architect Training & Workshop for SDLC using UML Online Delivery English Details & Registration Sparx Systems India 8th - 9th March 9:30am - 4:30pm IST Enterprise Architect...

  • The Ultimate Guide to upgrade to Sparx Enterprise Architect 14

    | Technologies | Publish | Generate MDG Technology Configure Project Options Configure | Options Configure | Options UML Types (Stereotypes / Tagged Values / Cardinality Values) Configure | UML Types Configure | UML Types Project Types Configure |...

  • Requirements in Context - Webinar

    Requirements in Context Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern) Register: https://www.modernanalyst.com/Webinars/tabid/207/ID/5074/Requirements-in-Context.aspx Scott Ambler, a key founder of the Agile movement accurately...

  • Implementation of MBSE based on EA

    different modeling languages, such as: System analysis and design modeling: SysML. Software analysis, design modeling: UML. Hardware modeling: VHDL and Verilog HDL. Physical system modeling: Modelica . EA’s supporting for MBSE Enterprise Architect...

  • UML Class Modeling -- 1 -- Problem Statement

    Please Note: The duration of this video is 1 minute and 34 seconds and it is the first of a seven part series.

  • UML Class Modeling -- 2 -- Finding Classes

    Please Note: The duration of this video is 5 minutes and 59 seconds and it is the second of a seven part series.

  • UML Class Modeling -- 3 -- Finding Associations

    Please Note: The duration of this video is 7 minute and 17 seconds and it is part three of a seven part series.


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