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5 reasons why web based sharing and collaboration is imperative for modeling teams

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5 reasons why web based sharing and collaboration is imperative for modeling teams.

Enterprise Architect offers a wide spectrum of modeling solutions that lets users capture all
facets of an IT landscape. The models are rich, comprehensive and greatly helps in articulating key
answers to business queries. This article shows 5 key reasons why web based sharing and
collaboration maximizes the value of these models.

Acceptance from the business community - Models in Enterprise Architect convey pivotal information
to business users. Sharing a selected view of the model with focused information lets business users
conveniently view the live information. This maximizes acceptance of models as the key source
for due diligence. See how a business user can view models by clicking a link
View Live Diagram

Minimize Learning Curve - Viewing simplified views of models over web browsers and iPads greatly
reduces the learning curve in getting accustomed to a new modeling tool. The business users gets to
see what is relevant for them. Simple, modern web interfaces allows quick understanding and
fosters engagement significantly. A targeted set of diagrams can be shown in a
Thumbnail View a
User Dashboards to let the business users quickly navigate their way around.

Simple and Focused - Models are comprehensive, which also makes it overloaded with information.
Simplifying an end users view is highly imperative to convey the right details. Prolaborate, is a web
sharing software for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, allowing the creation of simplified portals for users.

This can be used to define highly curated views on any part of the model. See how a process diagram and its details are
Process Diagram

Instant Feedback and Updates - Enterprise Architect diagrams are created to answer key user queries or demands.
Such finished diagrams are usually printed in Word documents and the review comments are
gathered in Excel. A live sharing platform like Prolaborate lets modelers and end-users to view live
Enterprise Architect diagrams, share Feedback on live diagrams, and also get the changes updated instantly. This
greatly reduces the turnaround time and improves agility.
Participate in Review

Keep them Notified - Another significant challenge in keeping the users notified of new discussions,
model changes, review comments, approvals, rejections etc is also addressed by the web sharing
solutions. Social media like discussion portals, instant notifications, email notifications, daily
summary and much more lets users to be always informed of key events from the team.
Learn more
on Notifications

Prolaborate, powered by Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, is a sharing and collaboration software for Enterprise Architect that allows these models to be conveniently shared to non-modeling community.

To know more on how you can enable collaborative modeling please visit or
write to
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Nizam Mohamed

14+ Years with Sparx EA - Training, Consultation, Customization and Support. Offered Training and Consultation for Sparx EA clients across the world.

Key Skills - Sparx EA - Metamodel definition, Deployment, MDG Development, Addin Development, Advanced Documentation Templates, Model Harvesting.

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  • Comment Link Nizam Mohamed Friday, 10 November 2017 03:17 posted by Nizam Mohamed

    Thanks Guillaume, Yes Prolaborate was built to address these specific needs. Aiming at simplifying user experience. And Prolaborate has been built based on customer requests and understanding of Pain Points, and it is very receptive of feedback and suggestions from clients. And yes PCS Express really helps enabling EA customers, and Prolaborate is offering fully supported evaluation version for clients with PCS Express too.

  • Comment Link Guillaume Tuesday, 07 November 2017 13:37 posted by Guillaume

    I'm definitely in line with the key principles mentioned here.
    Many EA clients have been waited for a web interface to access, review and edit EA models. From what I've seen so far, Prolaborate fulfils these requirements via a nice user interface.
    What I've particularly liked so far is the enhanced support of installed MDG e.g. to select tagged values to display under an appropriate fieldname.
    New feature requests will probably need to be addressed as more projects and clients take this complete EA + Prolaborate modelling solution.

    Sparx PCS Express license enables existing EA customers to trial and adopt Prolaborate Web Solution for a reasonable cost.

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