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Monday, 14 October 2013 13:56

Biner EASI - Kick start your Enterprise Architect work

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Biner EASI – An integration of TOGAF, Sparx Systems and ArchiMate

This is a summary of the Biner EASI White Paper, please download the entire White Paper at the website.


One of the most common questions asked by Enterprise Architects is: How you take theory into practice?
Starting a project can be a difficult and time consuming task, and as an Architect you will be faced with some major questions which need solving, in the short term as well as in the long term. 

This White Paper presents and explains a work structure which, according to several years of experience, works as a solution to the main questions of how to work with Enterprise Architecture.  

The following corner stones are a must for Enterprise Architecture work to be profitable in the long term:

Method – so that everyone works from the same page and so that the work is integrated into one piece 
Notation – so that everything created in the architecture is easy to unite and to interpret
Tool – so that everything which is created is collected in one piece of work and not spread out, creating  unlimited structure properties which can be reused by others and in the future 

By uniting TOGAF 9.1 as a framework and method, ArchiMate 2 as a notation and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect as a tool, you are given a kick-start in your EA work with fast solutions to the most common problems. We call this work structure Biner EASI – Biner Enterprise Architect Standard Integration, which works like a software plugin to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

How Biner EASI solves the most common EA problems

Biner EASI offer solutions to the biggest and most common questions which usually arise before and during the Enterprise Architecture work.

BEASI - Solve problem

Biner EASI – A full integration of 3 standards

Despite the practical integration which already exists between TOGAF and ArchiMate through The Open Group, the work and tool integration remains. This is where Biner EASI comes in. 

Biner EASI (Biner Enterprise Architecture Standard Integration) is a EA solution in the shape of a software plug-in (BEASI) which completely integrates TOGAF and ArchiMate in Sparx Enterprise Architect.  

Imagine a scenario where you are about to embark on some book work and you have purchased the program Microsoft Excel for this purpose. Excel works well as a tool for bookkeeping, just like Enterprise Architect works well as a tool for Enterprise Architecture. However, Excel comes with empty spreadsheets and you will either have to create your own formulas in order to get started with your book work, or buy a designed bookkeeping programme.   

BEASI can be compared to the designed bookkeeping programme -  it is a finished EA structure for Enterprise Architect which gets you around creating your own. In this way, you don’t have to go through the long start up process but can get started with your EA work immediately.  

When you start Enterprise Architect with BEASI, your repository and the projects are already supplied with finished structure packages, which means that the start up process has been done already.  

The standardized structure also means that you can ask questions to the tool and get answers by quickly and easily generating pre-configured reports.  You can also create structured documentation by simply clicking a few buttons, then easily share and reuse information.

Core functions:

The idea behind Biner EASI is to ensure your EA work can be easily kick started and thereafter be maintained efficiently within the project as well as across project boundaries. Through the integration of the method, the notation and the tool you will be able to reuse and share the information you create and the central repository enables multiple change initiatives to be executed simultaneously whilst still sharing their findings, conclusions and decisions. 

Biner EASI contains templates, examples and tools that simplifies the development and maintenance of your Enterprise Architecture. Below the core features in BEASI that turn Sparx Enterprise Architect into a full fetched tool for EA are highlighted:

 BEASI - Core functions


BEASI - Core functions

BEASI - Core functions

BEASI - Core functions


What will you and your company gain from Biner EASI?

- A kick start! Within hours, you will be able to start your architecture development 
- A long term solution for the most common challenges in EA work 
- A more effective business transformation process with reduced business risk Improved communication through use of standards 
- Improved efficiency through automation of tedious tasks like the generation of gap diagrams, consolidation of gaps and creation of roadmaps 
- A well designed  EA structure for your EA library, to work with requirements, practical architecture development according to TOGAF and in addition support for generating TOGAF deliverables 
- The ability to document elements of your business and IT environment in a well thought through manner which ensures future reuse.

30 days free trial

Would you like to try BEASI to see if it’s something which might be of use for you and your company? You can download and try BEASI for free for 30 days. Read more or download BEASI here: http://www.biner.se/beasi

Questions about Biner EASI?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the concept and product Biner EASI, you are verywelcome to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Read the entire White Paper about Biner EASI by ordering a free copy at the website: www.biner.se 

You can also find more information about BEASI here:




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