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Sander Hoogendoorn

Capgemini (Chief Technology Officer)

As principal technology officer and global agile thought leader at Capgemini, Sander is involved in the innovation of software development at Capgemini and its many international clients. Sander coaches organizations and projects, has written books on UML and agile and published over 200 articles in international magazines. He is an appreciated and inspiring speaker at numerous international conferences and hosts seminars on agile, architecture, UML and estimation. Sander is a member of Microsoft’s PAC for .NET and several other advisory boards. He is also the chief architect of Capgemini’s agile software development platform ADP.

Smart use cases is a particulary useful extension to modeling use cases. This white paper demonstrates how to model smart use cases, especially in service oriented architecture projects.

In most projects Enterprise Architect is used with a smart use case UML profile to quickly model and even estimate smart use cases. When applying smart use cases to service oriented architecture, Enterprise Architect can even serve as service repository.

In any given system under development, the business domain of that system is key. It holds all concepts important to the domain, and captures the business logic from the domain. An important question to answer is what to model about the objects in that domain and how to model this in UML class diagrams. This tutorial shows you how can achieve this, using Enterprise Architect.