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  • Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3... Agile Collaboration

    (IIBA®), has announced the public Beta release of a reference model for IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide v3), supported by Sparx System's Pro Cloud Server and an MDG Technology within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect....

  • The Agile Business Analyst

    Analyst: The BA has traditionally embraced the rapids of change much like a canoeist. Using the IIBA Body of Knowledge (BABOK) as both their map and compass, they engage the volatility and uncertainty of change. With an innate capability they navigate...

  • Harnessing the notational synergy of ArchiMate, BPMN and UML

    Introduction Straight out of the box, Sparx Enterpise Architect provides support for multiple modeling notations. Using a synergy of notations can result in a better description of business architecture. This article considers how ArchiMate, BPMN and...

  • Collaboration: Driving A New Level of Efficiency and Engagement

    In BA Lens this month - the IIBA magazine discusses how Sparx Systems has brought the BABOK Guide for Business Analysts into Enterprise Architect's tooling environment, helping to make it more interactive and functional. Sparx Systems' BA toolset is a...

  • Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show': 2016 SD Times 100

    Popular software development publication, SD Times, has awarded Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show in Software Development', a prestigious list of top 100 software solution providers for 2016. SD Times identified vendors and related...

  • Requirements for Digital Transformation

    Recently, through agreement with IIBA, Sparx Systems is in the process of developing the Enterprise Architect Guide to BABOK Implementation. Through the power of this collaborative, visual modeling platform, the extension provides the Business Analyst...

  • Requirements Management in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    How to combine Sparx Enterprise Architect and BABOK to manage Requirements in a modern way? Days when Business Analyst was using only Word and Excel applications together with e-mail program are slowly fading into the past. This is a good thing. There...

  • BA Professional Day - The Official Conference of the IIBA Australia chapter

    Scott Hebbard, Communications Manager at Sparx Systems will present on the Sparx Systems Tools and Techniques for BABOK at the upcoming event for Business Analysis Professionals in Melbourne. The BABOK® Guide has long been acknowledged as the...

  • Being Agile in an Agile World: BA LENS Article

    In partnership with the International Institute of Business Analysis, Sparx Systems released the Tools & Techniques for BABOK Guide v3, a digital reference for IIBA's Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. Tools & Techniques for BABOK Guide v3 can be...

  • Sparx Services North America at BBC 2017

    targeted at the Business Analyst community. Request a demo of the Sparx Business Architecture Toolkit aligned to the BABOK v3 and while you are there, learn about how you can use the industry leading architecture modeling tools in Sparx Enterprise...

  • New BIZBOK Offerings from Sparx Services North America

    Sparx Services North America launches new offerings to support the BIZBOK® Guide for Business Architecture Sparx Services North America is pleased to announce a new set of training, consulting and technology offerings aligned to the BIZBOK Guide to...

  • Industry Spotlight by SD Times: EA in the cloud drives digital shift

    Sparx Systems and the IIBA, resulting in the development of a toolkit for IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide v3). On the collaboration Sparx Systems COO, Tom O'Reilly commented " It is the first time business analysis techniques...

  • Sparx Systems sponsors Building Business Capability conference 2016

    chapters and the core leadership team towards the provision of a reference model of the Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge (BABOK). For more details about the BBC event, and Sparx Systems' involvement at the event, please visit the BBC website.

  • Business Analysis Trends 2016 - Strategy to Implementation

    the modeling environment, Sparx Systems has established a strategic partnership with the IIBA and is currently developing a BABOK® Guide v3 Reference Model to be delivered within Enterprise Architect. As the role of the BA expands to take in so much...

  • IIBA Announces Strategic Partnership with Sparx Systems

    Membership, Sparx Systems users and the overall business community. Key outcomes will include: The potential integration of BABOK® Guide v3 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) Offer access to possible references, tools and extensions to...

  • IIBA Vendor Showcase Webinar - "Process Modeling"

    Modeling. Specifically, this webinar will focus on BPM techniques in the IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) v2.0 Time: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hours). To join us, please register here.


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