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  • Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3... Agile Collaboration

    ™ (IIBA®), has announced the public Beta release of a reference model for IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge ® ( BABOK® Guide v3 ), supported by Sparx System's Pro Cloud Server and an MDG Technology within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect....

  • The Agile Business Analyst

    Analyst: The BA has traditionally embraced the rapids of change much like a canoeist. Using the IIBA Body of Knowledge (BABOK) as both their map and compass, they engage the volatility and uncertainty of change. With an innate capability they navigate...

  • Requirements Management in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    How to combine Sparx Enterprise Architect and BABOK to manage Requirements in a modern way? Days when Business Analyst was using only Word and Excel applications together with e-mail program are slowly fading into the past. This is a good thing. There...

  • Requirements for Digital Transformation

    . Recently, through agreement with IIBA, Sparx Systems is in the process of developing the Enterprise Architect Guide to BABOK Implementation . Through the power of this collaborative, visual modeling platform, the extension provides the Business...

  • Being Agile in an Agile World: BA LENS Article

    In partnership with the International Institute of Business Analysis, Sparx Systems released the Tools & Techniques for BABOK Guide v3, a digital reference for IIBA's Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. Tools & Techniques for BABOK Guide v3 can be...

  • Industry Spotlight by SD Times: EA in the cloud drives digital shift

    Sparx Systems and the IIBA, resulting in the development of a toolkit for IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide v3). On the collaboration Sparx Systems COO, Tom O'Reilly commented " It is the first time business analysis techniques...

  • Sparx Systems sponsors Building Business Capability conference 2016

    chapters and the core leadership team towards the provision of a reference model of the Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge (BABOK). For more details about the BBC event, and Sparx Systems' involvement at the event, please visit the BBC website .

  • Business Analysis Trends 2016 - Strategy to Implementation

    the modeling environment, Sparx Systems has established a strategic partnership with the IIBA and is currently developing a BABOK® Guide v3 Reference Model to be delivered within Enterprise Architect. As the role of the BA expands to take in so much...

  • IIBA Announces Strategic Partnership with Sparx Systems

    Membership, Sparx Systems users and the overall business community. Key outcomes will include: The potential integration of BABOK® Guide v3 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) Offer access to possible references, tools and extensions to...

  • IIBA Vendor Showcase Webinar - "Process Modeling"

    Modeling. Specifically, this webinar will focus on BPM techniques in the IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) v2.0 Time: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hours). To join us, please register here .


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