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  • Simulation Using SysML 1.4 and OpenModelica and Enterprise Architect Version 13 Beta

    Enterprise Architect version 13 Beta ~ Simulation using SysML 1.4 and OpenModelica Sparx Systems released the first Beta of Enterprise Architect version 13 to registered users on June 3rd 2016. Since then a further build of the Beta was released on...

  • DevOps and ALM: Bridging Business and IT Cultures

    Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can move IT and Business to a position of congruency and shift IT from application thinking to process (and service) thinking and in Business, from service to IT. The gulf between Business and IT exists on a...

  • New SysML Book for Enterprise Architect Users

    very proud to announce that Dr. Oliver Alt from LieberLieber has finished a much enhanced version of his previously german SysML book in english. “Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML – Handbook” Highlights: - Model-based Systems...

  • How-to import an example model from "A Practical Guide to SysML (second edition)"

    Morgan Kauffmann has published the second edition of “A Practical Guide to SysML” by Sanford Friedenthal, Alan Moore and Rick Steiner (ISBN 978-0-12-385206-9). The authors have made a very complete selection of supporting materials available for...

  • SysML 1.4 reference card

    The SysML reference card defined by Tim Weilkiens (oose.de) is now available in a version with diagrams done with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling tool. This overview illustrates SysML modelling language concepts, organized by topic: System...

  • SysML Modelling Language explained

    This article introduces the OMG SysML modelling language, dedicated to complex systems combining software and hardware realisations. SysML, adopted in 2006 by the Object Management Group, provides a vocabulary suitable to Systems Engineering e.g. by...

  • Feedback on the EA User Group London 2017: presentations, case studies and user stories

    when introducing a modelling approach within a project or company: To start with, a modelling language (e.g. UML, SysML...) and a tool (EA) must be chosen. A method is paramount to structure the modelling approach and processes. The final item to...

  • Feedback from the EA User Group London 2013

    of talks I attended: "Modeling Software Intensive Systems" by Doug Rosenberg from ICONIX, hinting the concept of SwissML (SysML + UML) to reach the same amount of specifications for both software and hardware blocks of an embedded system. Doug discussed...

  • Tassc introduces SysML training for Systems Engineers using Enterprise Architect

    Tassc launches two new SysML training courses for Enterprise Architect users: Enterprise Architect for Systems Engineers [2 days]: This course is designed for systems engineers who already have SysML experience and now wish to gain confidence in using...

  • SysML 1.3 beta preview

    The next version of SysML, the modelling language based on UML for Systems Engineering projects, should be released in June as version 1.3 beta is currently listed on the OMG.org website. Even though SysML 1.3 beta specifications aren’t released yet,...

  • UML and SysML training with Enterprise Architect 14 available in France

    Architect modelling tool whilst covering a modelling repository and the chosen standard visual modelling language (UML or SysML). SysML with Enterprise Architect training for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Covers all 9 SysML diagrams. Exercises...

  • SysML with Enterprise Architect training sessions available in French

    I ran a number of times a 3 day training course for a client in the automotive industry on SysML with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool to model complex systems. This training course in french involved two instructors: Pascal Roques, a SysML and...

  • New SysML training course from Dunstan Thomas ALM

    to expand our collection of off the shelf training courses, we've had Phil Chudley busy scribing away to add this new SysML program to our offering. Systems Engineering with SysML 1.1; Overview The Systems Engineering with SysML 1.1 training course is...

  • SysML with Enterprise Architect training available in France

    Involved since 2016 in the run of a 3 day training course on SysML with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool, I re-iterate this year with an up to date content based on even more improved and advanced implementation of the Systems Modelling Language...

  • SysML Online Classes & MBSE Workshop

    on their own? So we are offering some help and guidance. Please read this! And we are bundling an MBSE workshop with our SysML course this month. Please see offer below. The OMG Systems Modeling Language (SysML) 2day Intensive US$ 779 Wed, Jun 19 to...

  • ICONIX SysML JumpStart Training now available.

    ICONIX SysML JumpStart Training provides focused, intensive lecture/lab workshops that include hands-on experience using Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Edition, and lab time devoted to YOUR specific project. Our Embedded Systems Roadmap is...

  • Lower maintenance costs for SAP solutions with model-driven development

    Europe. Model-based development with UML growing in popularity Model-based development based on the graphical language UML/SysML (Unified Modeling Language/System Engineering Modeling Language) continues to find its way into more industrial sectors. The...

  • eBook: Embedded Systems Development using SysML

    Embedded Systems Development using SysML is not just an overview of the SysML modeling notation - it is a practical guide for systems engineers! The book provides a well defined approach to systems development, and applies it to a detailed example...

  • New Enterprise Architect Workshops and SysML Training Courses

    and would benefit from a refresher. In addition to UML and BPMN training courses Hippo Software now provides the following SysML training courses: Enterprise Architect for SysML Systems Engineering (2½ days) Enterprise Architect and SysML for Systems...

  • SysML Online Classes for August 2013

    The OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML) 2 day Intensive Wed, Aug 28, 2013 to Thu, Aug 29, 2013 Location: Online Course Instructor-led, Hands-on course Uses Enterprise Architect (EA) v.10 View Online Course Content... Register Now The OMG Systems...


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