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  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models The BPMN notation is a good way to specify processes, may it be the workflow for a specific task or entire business processes. Such models may grow very large and you can easily lose track of...

  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models The BPMN notation is a good way to specify processes, may it be the workflow for a specific task or entire business processes. Such models may grow very large and you can easily lose track of...

  • Automatically trace elements to domain model in Enterprise Architect

    This script will search the text in the comments, scenario’s and linked document of the selected elements for terms in the domain model. If it finds a match it will create a trace from your selected element to the element in the domain model. The idea...

  • Capture runtime method calls with the Execution Analyzer

    Enterprise Architect is mainly used as a modelling tool to define and maintain a structured set of models based on standard languages or notations such as UML, BPMN, SysML, or ArchiMate. Enterprise Architect includes several features to fulfill other...

  • How to Create Project-specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily

    unsplash-logoMr Cup / Fabien Barral Have you ever wanted to generate code from your Enterprise Architect UML or SysML models? Have you tried to customize Enterprise Architect’s code template framework? Do not give up the dream of project-specific code...

  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts with Enterprise Architect Extension Menus

    Using Keyboard Shortcuts with Enterprise Architect Extension Menus by Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting Background Extensions written for Enterprise Architect often define menus to invoke functionality, and although a...

  • Practical ArcGIS Geodatabase Modelling using Enterprise Architect

    New training course from Dunstan Thomas Consulting Course design by Phil Chudley Who Should Attend? This course is suitable to anyone who models ArcGIS Geodatabases and wishes to create both a visual representation of the ArcGIS Geodatabase and an XML...

  • Enterprise Architect Jira Integration

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect now allows integration of data from a variety of third-party providers into an Enterprise Architect model. This article explains the configuration and possible ways to integrate Jira with the enterprise architect...

  • Let’s get specific about what Parallel Agile CodeBot™ Generates

    We've just released a major upgrade to the Parallel Agile CodeBot. As you might already know, CodeBot generates database schema, database access functions, and a REST API to access the database from a UML domain model. But you might not know...

  • Latest & Greatest of Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

  • Enterprise Architect 12 Wireframing preview

    Introduction Enterprise Architect 12 is due to be released this year, with the RC2 currently available to download and test. Amongst its enhancements, I came across the new User Interface Wireframing support. Wireframing lets you define a visual...

  • Dunstan Thomas launch online training service.

    Online training with Dunstan Thomas DT Consulting now offer a virtual learning environment to compliment our existing classroom offering. This new browser delivered self-study training environment will bring to you DT Consulting’s most popular training...

  • North American Enterprise Architect User Group - Chicago

    Knowledge Exchange & Networking Opportunity Join us in Chicago on Thursday 16th of November to hear from senior representatives from Sparx Systems HQ and Sparx Services North America, along with Partners and senior industry representatives. Lunch and...

  • How to use the Enterprise Architect VBScript Library

    The Enterprise Architect VBScript Library is an open source library of VBScripts written to be used in Enterprise Architect. This article explains how to download, import and use the library in Enterprise Architect. Initial Import The Enterprise...

  • Script move/delete items from Search Result

    Delete or move elements to package which are found by Searches (SQL, Query Builder, Standard Searches). These vbscripts allow you to easily handle found elements and to develop your own vbscripts to manipulate found things. In effect these scripts use...

  • EA User Group 2014: smart use cases, code generation tool, EA11 cloud services, RAS and OSLC

    Last May I went to the European EA User Group in the UK (Maidenhead) where the Enterprise Architect community gathered. Prior to delivering my presentation on the alternatives to set up a shared Enterprise Architect project, I attended several...

  • Time Aware Modelling in EA version 13 Beta

    Enterprise Architect version 13 Beta ~ Time Aware Modelling Sparx Systems released the first Beta of Enterprise Architect version 13 to registered users on June 3rd 2016. Since then a further build of the Beta was released on July 20th 2016. Numerous...

  • Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

    Report from the first ever Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users Held in Livingston on Wednesday 8th June 2016 Written by Gillian Adens, Director at Hippo Software In June Hippo Software hosted a local gathering of Enterprise Architect users...

  • Enterprise Architect 13 beta preview

    This article provides a preview about the upcoming Enterprise Architect 13, available in its beta version since beginning of June. SparxSystems Enterprise Architect 13 leaflet covers the main enhancements including: Ribbon interface, replacing the...

  • CodeBot UX is available to early access users

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 23, 2020 Urvashi Prakash Parallel Agile marketing@parallelagile.com No Code App Generator, CodeBot UX is available to early access users November, 2020, Los Angeles, CA: Parallel Agile’s full-stack application generator,...


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