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  • Enterprise Architect Jira Integration

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect now allows integration of data from a variety of third-party providers into an Enterprise Architect model. This article explains the configuration and possible ways to integrate Jira with the enterprise architect...

  • Documenting software architecture in Enterprise Architect

    Designing architecture Designing solution architecture is about making best possible choices in context of current requirements and constraints. Behind every architecture decision there is some context and every architect should document the reasons of...

  • Enterprise Architect 16 beta preview

    This article is a preview of Enterprise Architect 16 beta (build 1600) which is available to download with your registered account (if you own an active license) from www.sparxsystems.com. Covered features and enhancements: Enterprise Architect 64 bits...

  • EA User Group 2014: smart use cases, code generation tool, EA11 cloud services, RAS and OSLC

    Last May I went to the European EA User Group in the UK (Maidenhead) where the Enterprise Architect community gathered. Prior to delivering my presentation on the alternatives to set up a shared Enterprise Architect project, I attended several...

  • Enterprise Architect 13 beta preview

    This article provides a preview about the upcoming Enterprise Architect 13 , available in its beta version since beginning of June. SparxSystems Enterprise Architect 13 leaflet covers the main enhancements including: Ribbon interface, replacing the...

  • How to Create Project-specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily

    unsplash-logoMr Cup / Fabien Barral Have you ever wanted to generate code from your Enterprise Architect UML or SysML models? Have you tried to customize Enterprise Architect’s code template framework? Do not give up the dream of project-specific code...

  • Enterprise Architect 12.1 Beta available: a first preview

    Sparx Systems released mid September the first beta of Enterprise Architect version 12.1 . Full details on this version are available here . Below is a summary of the main features and enhancements introduced in EA 12.1. Web-based, online EA User Guide...

  • Importing requirements from Excel to Enterprise Architect with eaDocX for a model-driven approach to build the RFP response

    eaDocX's eaXL module makes it possible to import and export information between Excel and Sparx Enterprise Architect , e.g. requirements, classes (including attributes or methods), use cases, etc. This article provides a feedback on a real-life...

  • BigLever Software Delivers New Integration Solution for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering (PLE) solutions, recently announced the release of a new bridge product for integrating Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with the company’s industry-standard...

  • Dunstan Thomas Consulting Cloud Services deployment of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for ATOC

    Dunstan Thomas Consulting Cloud services deployment of Sparx Enterprise Architect for ATOC Dunstan Thomas Consulting (DTC) worked with ATOC to install and configure Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect to enable them to work in a collaborative...

  • European Enterprise Architect User Group in London

    The first European Enterprise Architect User Group meeting was held in London at the Institute of Directors in London on Tuesday 9 th October 2012. The meeting sponsored by Dunstan Thomas Holdings Ltd, LieberLieber GmbH, and Ability Engineering Ltd was...

  • Kanban with Enterprise Architect

    At Sparx Systems there are a number of key objectives that are always in the minds of the developers. One is delivering what the end user wants and the other is to exceed end user expectations, by delivering to their needs at an affordable price point....

  • EAPostgresImportfromNativeXML: Enterprise Architect Native XML import to PostgreSQL solution

    About Enterprise Architect Native XML Project Transfer Native XML Project Transfer is a feature introduced in Enterprise Architect 15.1. Until then a full project could be transferred via Enterprise Architect Project Transfer between databases (from...

  • Triggering Add-in Functionality with Custom Hotkeys in Enterprise Architect

    Introduction Add-Ins are a very powerful means of extending Enterprise Architect's built-in functionality. However, in some cases you have a hard time navigating down to deeply nested items of your add-in menu in order to trigger their associated...

  • Capture runtime method calls with the Execution Analyzer

    Enterprise Architect is mainly used as a modelling tool to define and maintain a structured set of models based on standard languages or notations such as UML, BPMN, SysML, or ArchiMate. Enterprise Architect includes several features to fulfill other...

  • Using ArchiMate ViewPoints in Enterprise Architect

    Introduction Modelling enterprises and their architectures is important for most organisations. For example for defining business processes, organisational structures, data and information modelling. But also for modelling the goals and drivers of the...

  • University Week February 2019

    Sparx Systems is pleased to announce an upcoming University Week (Feb 25th - Mar 1st). During Sparx Systems University week, a range of both free and paid training sessions are hosted online and at centers by Sparx Service providers. This week-long...

  • LieberLieber Software: Volkswagen accelerates with Enterprise Architect

    LieberLieber Software: Volkswagen accelerates with Enterprise Architect Volkswagen relies on Enterprise Architect along with bespoke LieberLieber modeling assistants to clearly and precisely communicate its requirements on infotainment software and...

  • Enterprise Architect 15 beta preview

    Sparx Systems released this month the beta version of Enterprise Architect 15 . Below is a selection of the main features and enhancements that will be detailed in this article: Data Miner JavaScript Model Based Add-ins Custom tables (new spreadsheet...

  • Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch Software is a proud partner of Sparx Systems and is pleased to sell and support their industry-leading UML CASE tool, Enterprise Architect . We love engaging with the Sparx Community, and as part of this, we host User Groups in New Zealand and...


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