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The Community Resources section may include Enterprise Architect models, scripts, technologies and add-ons. These resources can extend and enrich the Enterprise Architect experience. Use this link to submit innovative tools, models, add-ons and resources that the enterprise architect community may find beneficial.

The global collaboration and preventative action currently being demonstrated by world authorities, national governments, multinationals, small businesses, communities, families and individuals to mitigate the rampant spread of COVID -19 through the global population, sets an example of large scale co-operation. In time the spread of the virus will be controlled, as appears to be the status of the outbreak in China, and society will be the wiser for the experience, the learnings of which will be codified in new health, and emergency response standards to support best practice. Action on Human Health According to Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organisation…
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 05:38

MDG for modeling ISA 88 Batch systems

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We have developed a MDG for the (Batch) process industry based on ANSI/ISA S88 standard and extended with the capability to create Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and Functional Block diagrams (FBD). The Physical model Physical model toolbox support in the ISA88 Physical layers like Area, Process cell, Unit, equipment module and control module. For example a Physical elements like a Unit can be part of or shared within a Process cell. The toolbox support in different process flows like liquid, gas and steam. The Physical model and Procedures The Procedure Toolbox support in the development of Procedure models with elements…
  Introduction Sparx Enterprise Architect is well known for modelling languages like UML, BPMN and ArchiMate. However creating data models in Sparx Enterprise Architect is also well supported. For example with the database engineering models, the database builder and the possibility to import database structures, XSD models etc. This in combination with the possibility to create Conceptual Data Models in the ArchiMate notation, UML class diagrams for the Logical Data Model makes Enterprise Architect a tool well suited for data modellers and – architects. See for example a simple three layer data model in the image below:   Data Mappings…
Monday, 29 July 2019 11:39

Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework

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See this "Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF)" that is created with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and published as html - for providing inspiration to ArchiMate-, BPMN- and UML-modellers. This framework can be used for to support enterprise development from "ideas to production". This framework is aligned with other frameworks and methods such as SAFe and DevOps, and can be used for linking high-level ArchiMate diagrams to BPMN- and UML-diagrams. So this frameworks links "enterprise architecture" to "solution architecture".  https://www.hosiaisluoma.fi/blog/sparx-ea/   More information about "Lean way of doing enterprise architecture" here: https://www.hosiaisluoma.fi/blog/lean-enterprise-architecture-method-for-value-chain-based-development-in-public-sector/  More patterns & examples using ArchiMate here: "ArchiMate Cookbook" https://www.hosiaisluoma.fi/blog/archimate-cookbook/  ArchiMate…
Thursday, 24 January 2019 09:45

N-Ary Association Class

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Not all modelling tools properly support conceptual modelling with UML. I have experienced that some open source tools lack support for association classes and n-ary associations. For this reason, I wanted to investigate how the following conceptual model could be implemented with Enterprise Architect (the multiplicity ‘n’ near the student should be *): A notable element in the model is the diamond shape (lozenge) with three associations and an association class. It is an n-ary association. Enterprise Architect user guide describes the n-ary association as follows: “An n-Ary Association element is used to model complex relationships between three or more…
Introduction This article outlines how customers can migrate from BizzDesign to Enterprise Architect.  Many EAxpertise customers mentioned licence costs and additional factors have made them consider migration. The functionality offered by both tools overlap to a great extend and especially in data modelling Sparx has more functionality than BizzDesign. For one of our customers, we undertook research on the migration options.  There are three models in the enterprise architecture: Enterprise Architecture modelled in ArchiMate 3 models. This can be migrateusing the Model Exchange Format standard in the ArchiMate 3 definition. Business processes modelled in BPMN models This can be migrated with the BPMN exchange format. …
Monday, 31 December 2018 20:19

Use Java, C# & Co for your Scripting

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Use the power of modern IDEs and languages like Java, C#, F#, VB, or C++ for your EA Scripting. Here you find everything you need for a quick-start. Develop your solution, let's say a Text to Speech application for selected EA items. Code it in your favourite language with all the benefits of your IDE - the developing, debugging, version control and your life-cycle. In short, professional software development with a state of the art IDE. Just add one line of code in EA VB Scripts to call this Text to Speech application for Browser, Diagram, Model Search. You find…
ReqIF is an international standard to exchange requirements between different tools. Eclipse also supports ReqIF with ProR ReqIF Studio With hoReverse you can import and roundtrip a bunch of requirements modules in EA. Just one click and hoReverse updates all your requirements: A package is a requirement module Nested Requirements for headings and requirements Graphics Embedded files like *.pdf Arbitrary columns/ attributes The ReqIF format is also reasonable to exchange information with test & validation. Principles ReqIF exchanges Modules which consists of Headings and Requirments. All is packed as *.reqifz (an XML zip file) to easily import and roundtrip all…
Friday, 27 July 2018 06:42

Model Conveter from ChangeVision Astah

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EAImport is a converter from ChangeVision's astah (formerly JUDE) to Enterprise Architect. System Requirements Astah community 6.9 Enterprise Architect 13.0 or later Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7/32 bit version) If you installed astah 32bit version, it is already installed. JRE 8 may work, but it is unconfirmed. If it does not exist, download the 32-bit version for Windows from the Oracle website and install it.(64-bit Java cannot be used.) The following "Working Directory" assumes "c:\work" in this manual.   How to Set up the Converter 1. Copy the following files to the Working Directory. all files in the EAImporter.ZIP…
Thursday, 21 June 2018 14:05

Integrated Data Entity Architecture in EA

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Introduction IDEA is an abbreviation for Integrated Data Entity Architecture. It is a methodology and an implementation in Sparx Enterprise Architect to create an integrated architecture based on the following layers Physical data modeling for a technical modeling that includes specific implementation concepts like columns and constraints Logical data modeling a detailed implementation independent model for entities, attributes and assocations Conceptual modeling for a business view on data and business entities including the connections to the application landscape and business processes Data Management modeling for modeling data governance, ownership, privacy and security and data qualities. Navigationscreen for the Web Publication Platform of the IDEA…
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