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  • The Internet of Things, Connectedness and Big Data

    Internet of Things will contribute to the generation of data volumes, which combined with other sources is referred to as Big Data and which threaten to outstrip our ability to deal with it while sowing new data silos. Without support from collaborative...

  • Geospatial Data and Service Innovation

    of every industry including journalism, taxis, accommodation and travel which have recently, been irrevocably changed. Big Data A nascent technology, the Internet of Things (IOT) promises to enhance our physical environment and the geo-specific data...

  • Data Synthesis and Systems Integration

    technology. IDC states that “by 2020, a third of the data in the digital universe (more than 13,000 exabytes) will have Big Data value, but only if it is tagged and analysed” In an ideal world, large enterprises want to be able to respond to market...

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect script : XMI file batch import

    A colleague recently enquired about a simple way to run a batch import of several XMI files into an Enterprise Architect project. The client's project required importing a rather large number of XMI files, created from various Enterprise Architect...

  • Sparx Systems Award 2021 - Federation University Australia

    about networking, cloud computing, object-oriented programming, SQL, C#, and Java scripting, agile coding, web design, big data and information security. Michelle is from Surabaya, Indonesia, and is studying at the Federation University Mt Helen campus....

  • New SysML Book for Enterprise Architect Users

    topics have been added, such as data integration with ReqIF, system data linking using OSLC-technology, Industry 4.0 and Big Data in Systems Engineering. You can buy get your copy on Amazon (click this)! Or buy it here via share-it (click this)!

  • DevOps and ALM: Bridging Business and IT Cultures

    Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can move IT and Business to a position of congruency and shift IT from application thinking to process (and service) thinking and in Business, from service to IT. The gulf between Business and IT exists on a...

  • Growing Business Agility to Create Competitive Advantage - Digital Transformation

    service costs. Gartner predicts that “By 2017, 40 percent of utilities with smart metering solutions will use cloud-based big data analytics to address asset-, commodity-, customer- or revenue-related needs.” In another example the just released “2014...

  • Innovate for Competitive Advantage

    calls the Nexus of Forces. The forces of this Nexus are Mobile computing, Social collaboration, Cloud and Information (Big Data) and it is predicted to create unprecedented change. Good information management practice has always been the basis of...

  • Back to the Future

    and apprehension about the impact of technology change that is predicted by the Nexus of Forces (Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data). At the turn of the millennium, the perceived threat was enough for governments to take action before the event, which...

  • How to Create Project-specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily

    different persistence approaches: One that uses JPA to store data in a relational database and one that uses HBase as a big data store. I suggest implementing a persistence manager which can be used to load and save instances. Only the product based on...

  • Use Java, C# & Co for your Scripting

    Use the power of modern IDEs and languages like Java, C#, F#, VB, or C++ for your EA Scripting. Here you find everything you need for a quick-start. Develop your solution, let's say a Text to Speech application for selected EA items. Code it in your...

  • Application Portfolio Management using Sparx Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect supports comprehensive architecture modelling through its extensive support for standards and ability to allow extending such standards to suit organization specific needs. Enterprise Architect can be used to create a holistic view...

  • Product Family Engineering with Enterprise Architect and LemonTree by LieberLieber

    The rapidly-growing automotive supplier Preh Car Connect GmbH is re-establishing its software development on the Product Family Engineering methodology. Preh engineers, already longtime Enterprise Architect users, were recently introduced to LemonTree...

  • eaUtils 1.14: breadcrumb trail and sorting enhancements, add-in automated tests

    Following the release of a portable version last November, eaUtils 1.14 free utilities add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect has just been published: Limited until now to composite elements, eaUtils breadcrumb trail navigation feature has been extended...

  • Nonlinear generation of documentation in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    Even though Agile promised us “working software over comprehensive documentation” in its Manifesto there are still highly regulated industries, such as banking, healthcare, insurance and government administration (to name just few), where IT systems...

  • Hello CodeBot - a simple, secure, rich media, low code application

    Hello CodeBot – a simple, secure, rich media, low code application Matt Stephens and Doug Rosenberg Parallel Agile, Inc. www.parallelagile.com Everyone’s familiar with introductory “Hello World” programs as a way to help you learn a new programming...

  • From Data Streams to Models (Research Project from partner: LieberLieber Software and TU Vienna)

    LieberLieber Software: From Data Streams to Models After completing its first project with a Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) at the end of 2016, LieberLieber is now continuing this commitment. Together they seek ways to transform live data streams...

  • EA User Group London 2018 feedback

    This year’s London EA User Group took place at the Skills Matters Code Node venue. It has been enjoyable and useful to discuss and share experiences with users via this unique dedicated SparxSystems Enterprise Architect event. This article shares some...


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