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White papers provide in-depth technical discussion and best practice guidance on a wide range of modeling topics. The information presented by industry experts from the user community will help you learn new approaches to modeling and solving real-world problems using Enterprise Architect.

Thursday, 05 September 2019 21:17

Enterprise Architecture using Prolaborate

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Sign up for the upcoming Sparx Sytems webinar! Enterprise Architecture using Prolaborate A Case study driven illustration of Enterprise Architecture Capabilities in Prolaborate The CEO of a leading utility firm intends to leverage an EA tool, to help them with the planning and decision-making required for his digital transformation strategy. The organization identified three use cases as its primary needs for an EA tool, this article will give an high level overview of how Prolaborate helps them realize the use cases. Use Case 1 – Smarter Decision Making Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool is populated by architects, analysts and other…
Wednesday, 07 August 2019 22:49

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Good governance helps guide good decision making for public organizations and companies. This helps to provide transparent decision making, that adheres to relevant government legislation, providing a safe and fair environment for the end-users of the designed systems. There are numerous advantages of using Enterprise Architect to model the strategy within a repository and link that strategic direction and executive thinking to the processes, architectures, software and capabilities that are being directed and then modeled. This is a highly effective and powerful means of ensuring that strategic direction is followed and tied to the fundamental…
One of the latest features of Sparx Enterprise Architect 15 is the model based add-ins which can be created using JavaScript.  These model based add-ins are defined by a combination of Receptions, Attributes and Operations which can be easily added in a model by just creating with a valid stereotyped classes. Assuming having basic knowledge with Sparx Traditional add-ins, broadcast events and JavaScript. Why model based add-ins Accessed by all the users within a model Purely Model specific  No installation, registry entries , distribution or license worries Self-Documenting as everything is modelled and created directly in EA Prerequisites Signal Reference Library (…
Friday, 21 June 2019 10:30

Enterprise Architect 15 beta preview

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Sparx Systems released this month the beta version of Enterprise Architect 15. Below is a selection of the main features and enhancements that will be detailed in this article: Data Miner JavaScript Model Based Add-ins Custom tables (new spreadsheet artefacts) Browser new organization Diagrams enhancements Custom drawing style diagram property Google GCP, Amazon AWS web images Bookmark values Group elements New keyboard shortcuts Simplified access to the "Link to element feature" Image Assets drag and drop to a diagram New keyboard shortcuts Data Miner Data Miner is a new feature to create model elements and relationships in Enterprise Architect from a…
How-to: Functional Documentation in Enterprise Architect   Written by: Carolien de Langen Chan Kerste
A Standards-Based Modeling Approach for Industry 4.0 Architectures Authors: Christoph Binder, Christian Neureiter, Goran Lastro, Mathias Uslar andPeter Lieber Abstract. Emerging technologies in the industrial area lead to a continuously increasing complexity concerning systems development. Varying approaches dealing with the same problem generate a number of heterogeneous solutions instead of concentrating on a mutual tool-set in order to provide a common basis. Having recognized this issue, the German industry introduced the Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), proposed in the standardized technical speci cation DIN SPEC 91345. Providing a three-dimensional model on how to structure industrial systems, the starting point for the discussion on how to…
Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:30

Best of the Community Site 2018

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We are very pleased to publish this compilation of the most popular resources submitted in 2018   Since its launch, the Sparx Systems community site has been a central repository for knowledge and resources around Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Over the past year, contributors showcased numerous skills and shared time-saving expertise, which we have now put together a compilation of the most popular posts submitted to the Sparx Systems Community site in 2018. These generous contributions help propel the community and modeling industry forward. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the community site this past year. Sparx Systems…
Wednesday, 31 October 2018 12:11


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We share this poster of perspectives which show a general overview of the perspectives available in version 14 of Enterprise Architect. We hope you find it useful!
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 11:51

Data Identity Security

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Abstract We live in an information paradigm. The standard model of physics is being challenged and replaced by a data centric probabilistic universe. It turns out that our deterministic material reality was a subjective human view of events, when viewed in the light of advances in quantum energy, fractals and chaos mathematics. Automated industrial and personal computing applications are now completely pervasive in the fabric of human society in both the developed and developing world. And they are all built of blocks of data. We do have to evolve our concepts of data to understand that information technology is now…
Enterprise Architect supports comprehensive architecture modelling through its extensive support for standards and ability to allow extending such standards to suit organization specific needs.  Enterprise Architect can be used to create a holistic view of the organization with all granular details across the Business , Application , Information and Technology Layers captured in a single source of truth. The details are stored as Attributes associated to indvidiual artifacts, which can be used for slicing and dicing and further due diligence. Application Portfolio Management includes several tasks which require careful analysis of Enterprise Architect model information. Dynamic, intuitive reports and charts…
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