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  • SparxSystems Central Europe: From Trainer to Founder with Enterprise Architect as Key Development Tool, of course

    of mass data, KIVU is an exceptional example. Using well-designed software, KIVU enables the analysis of networks (not just social networks) from known nodes. The software is designed to assist analysts in narrowing down their data and connections to...

  • Requirements in Context - Webinar

    Requirements in Context Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern) Register: https://www.modernanalyst.com/Webinars/tabid/207/ID/5074/Requirements-in-Context.aspx Scott Ambler, a key founder of the Agile movement accurately...

  • Award for Smart Grid Technology based on Enterprise Architect

    on relevant technical solutions:Mechanisms, processes, algorithms...computer programs in the broadest sense. Legal and social aspects are observed wherever necessary, with evaluation being carried out under the supervision of social scientists. About...

  • Geospatial Data and Service Innovation

    period. Digital disruption will create many new cross-functional roles for which employees will need both technical, social and analytical skills. An article by Forbes reporting on the skills demand being generated by big data shows that between 2014...

  • Data Synthesis and Systems Integration

    and competitiveness in international supply chains. Today markets are changing at an unprecedented pace, driven by mobile, social, cloud and data technology. IDC states that “by 2020, a third of the data in the digital universe (more than 13,000...

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect script : XMI file batch import

    A colleague recently enquired about a simple way to run a batch import of several XMI files into an Enterprise Architect project. The client's project required importing a rather large number of XMI files, created from various Enterprise Architect...

  • EA User Group in Wellington | Thursday, 11th April 2013

    Topic: System Management and Strategy Execution Date: Thursday, 11th April 2013 Time: 16.00 - 17.30 Venue: Ministry of Social Development, 38 Bowen Street, Wellington RSVP: Please join the Wellington-EAUG Meetup Group to RSVP to...

  • Dunstan Thomas publish online training for BPMN modelling with EA 15.x

    Online Training with Dunstan Thomas BPMN 2.0 with Enterprise Architect version 15 It looks like social distancing will be with us for the foreseeable future and as such Dunstan Thomas are continuing to operate under a remote delivery model. The updates...

  • Dunstan Thomas publish new online training content

    Online Training with Dunstan Thomas Reporting with EA 15 In this new world of Social Distancing, remote working and remote delivery have become essential as we all adapt to being at home and away from the traditional meeting room environment. It is...

  • Global Carbon Market Model

    putting the world on the footing of survival management. Reduction in energy consumption would otherwise be by attrition as social breakdown of infrastructure is bound to result. By 2100 we have to have contained temperature rises to around 2 degrees....

  • 5 reasons why web based sharing and collaboration is imperative for modeling teams

    new discussions, model changes, review comments, approvals, rejections etc is also addressed by the web sharing solutions. Social media like discussion portals, instant notifications, email notifications, daily summary and much more lets users to be...

  • SD Times features Enterprise Architect: 'Why software tools need to adjust to the changing landscape of ALM'

    Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect has been featured in a recently published SD Times article, Online and Social Media Editor Madison Moore identifies the emerging influence of DevOps and Agile within the ALM domain... and the software that is...

  • BPMN and the Digital Enterprise - Part 1

    to the tempest shrinks. This adaption is business process re-engineering, necessitated by the forces of change - cloud, social media, mobility, Internet of Things and data. See “Growing Business Agility to Create Competitive Advantage - Digital...

  • Standards, Interoperability and Innovation

    field of geospatial information management. Information Accessibility: In 2012 the Secretary General of the UN Economic and Social Council identified “better integration of geospatial and statistical information, as a key challenge” in meeting...

  • Growing Business Agility to Create Competitive Advantage - Digital Transformation

    behind.” The survey also reports that “Today, 100% of airlines are investing in the mobile space.” In the retail industry social media on mobile phones is creating a constant feedback loop that informs thedevelopment of business agility. As it permits...

  • Back to the Future

    of anticipation and apprehension about the impact of technology change that is predicted by the Nexus of Forces (Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data). At the turn of the millennium, the perceived threat was enough for governments to take action before...

  • Collaboration and Innovation – Brilliant Ideas

    applications and content applications stood out with CAGR of 10%. This growth is being driven by the adoption of enterprise social networks and teamcollaborative applications. A very recent article in SD Times, reports from the 2014 Collaborative...

  • Exploring EA 11 Specification Manager

    Life Cycle Modeling tool, especially in the area of Requirements and Use Case management. The disruptive innovations like Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are forcing the organizations to change their rigid operations and process to sustain...

  • Mobility - Global Change Agent

    Mobile devices form the platform that will deliver work models that are very different from the past and facilitate social networking. This force will inform the enterprise architecture that will deliver strategic support for mobile devices owned by...

  • Innovate for Competitive Advantage

    and challenging period of disruption that Gartner calls the Nexus of Forces. The forces of this Nexus are Mobile computing, Social collaboration, Cloud and Information (Big Data) and it is predicted to create unprecedented change. Good information...


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