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  • Sparx Pro Cloud Server – The Enterprise Architect Gateway for Web Tools

    The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models. Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful...

  • How Enterprise Architect and the Pro Cloud Server helped staff and students successfully complete their projects

    Using Enterprise Architect and the Pro Cloud Server in Education System Thinking in IT Solutions and Digital Fabrication - Course What is the Cost of Poor Quality IT Solutions Who knows the true cost of poor qualitry IT systems? Who cares about it? How...

  • Enterprise Architect Jira Integration

    and Jira using Prolaborate Importing Data and synchronizing between Jira and Enterprise Architect model using Pro Cloud Server Creating Virtual links between Enterprise Architect and Jira using Prolaborate You can now integrate Enterprise Architect with...

  • Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server - Coming Soon

    The Pro Cloud Server, coming in Q2 this year will offer enterprises a convenient way to host EA models on their internet or intranet environment, to broaden available access to the model throughout the enterprise. Sparx Systems' web client WebEA will...

  • Setting Up Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect

    Setting Up the Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring the Pro Cloud Server. Easily deploy a web and mobile enabled collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect, connecting team members and...

  • TM Forum Frameworx is available for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server

    with the TransWare AG, has announced the public release of the TM Forum Frameworx reference model, supported via the Pro Cloud Server collaboration platform and MDG technology within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - an agile collaboration solution...

  • Towards a Knowledge Democracy and Digital Transformation

    competitive differentiation for the enterprise. With the use of an Enterprise Architect licence, the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server platform can extend the collaborative modeling efforts of the enterprise, to the entire workforce including Enterprise...

  • Announcement of a Webinar by [TransWare AG]: TM Forum Frameworx 17.5 and Sparx Systems Pro Could Server

    TransWare AG, a partner of Sparx Systems and TM Forum, is happy to announce a 30 minutes webinar to experience the new Pro Cloud Server and WebEA together with Frameworx version 17.5. Pro Cloud Server opens the entire enterprise to your modeling...

  • Distributed Online Business Continuity

    Distributed Online Business Continuity using the Pro Cloud Server In recent times there has been an unprecedented obligation for staff to work at home, prompting a need for technical solutions that can ensure business continuity with a distributed and...

  • Cloud Services & Sparx Pro Cloud | Encrypted Connection String

    If you want to connect Enterprise Architect with Cloud Services or Pro Cloud Server - where no user credentials are part of connection string - because you should use IIS for authentification - then it may make sense to encrypt the Connection String as...

  • World Record | Installing EA incl. Pro Cloud Server Installation in 3:33

    World Record | Installing EA incl. Pro Cloud Server Installation in 3:33 Here I tried how fast and easy the installation of Enterprise Architect and ProCloud Server is (incl. some explainations 3min and 33secs): World Record | YouTube Link

  • Winner Profile - SD Times 100

    Sparx Systems CEO, Geoffrey Sparks discusses Enterprise Architect's new collaborative tools supported by the Pro Cloud Server. The Pro Cloud Server released in June, offers secure access for enterprise-wide discussion and review of the model via...

  • Prolaborate - Sharing and Collaboration software for Enterprise Architect

    The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models. Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful...

  • Application Portfolio Management using Sparx Enterprise Architect

    Management using Enterprise Architect models. The video shows all these dashboards in action. The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models. Pro Cloud Server allows users...

  • Prolaborate 3.4 released: custom properties, diagram editor, custom logs path, dashboard collaboration

    (see below). This application launches Enterprise Architect with a Cloud Connexion to the active repository via the Pro Cloud Server, and opens the diagram. Note: in order to use this feature, Enterprise Architect desktop application must be installed,...

  • Being Agile in an Agile World: BA LENS Article

    IIBA's Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. Tools & Techniques for BABOK Guide v3 can be accessed freely via the new Pro Cloud Server, viewed on any mobile device browser. With the recent inclusion of OSLC RESTful API within Sparx Systems products, and...

  • Tools & Techniques for BABOK® Guide v3... Agile Collaboration

    of a reference model for IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge ® ( BABOK® Guide v3 ), supported by Sparx System's Pro Cloud Server and an MDG Technology within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Considered as the Ultimate Toolkit for Business...

  • Sparx Systems - 2017 SD Times 100: 'Best in Show' in Software Development

    article to read more about the 2017 SD Times 100 list. 2017 is an exciting year with the introduction of the all new Pro Cloud Server, allowing a real-time view of content contained in an Enterprise Architect Cloud repository to be shared with anyone...

  • Sparx EA Event in Latino América (Perú, Nov 2019)

    SPARX Argentina (#proagile), will be visiting companies in Lima - Perú to promote the power of Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate in Latin America. . Our specialists in ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT will be conducting exclusive meetings with...

  • Application Portfolio Rationalization using Sparx Sytems Architecture Platform

    an existing user of Sparx Enterprise Architect or the complete Sparx Systems suite of products (Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server, and Prolaborate) who has some information maintained about some or most of the applications. Now, you are trying to...


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