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  • MDG VISEO EA UML to JHipster Generator: generate JDL entities in JHipster from UML models

    This article shares an MDG Technology that integrates Sparx Enterprise Architect UML models with JHipster. VISEO EA UML to JHipster Generator MDG produces JDL (JHipster Domain Language) content from UML models maintained in Enterprise Architect. This...

  • Define a set of elements to reuse on diagrams with UML patterns

    makes it possible to re-use a set of elements, their associations, any notes, and their layout on the diagram by creating UML patterns . Similarly to the use of design patterns (GoF), the aim is to define a set of elements that can be applied for...

  • UML Study: How is UML Used in Practice?

    UML is the most adopted modeling language in industry for specifying the structure and the behavior of systems. Due to its general-purpose nature, UML is used very diversely in industry. To understand how UML is actually used in practice ,...

  • How to Create Project-specific Code Generators for Enterprise Architect Easily

    unsplash-logoMr Cup / Fabien Barral Have you ever wanted to generate code from your Enterprise Architect UML or SysML models? Have you tried to customize Enterprise Architect’s code template framework? Do not give up the dream of project-specific code...

  • Developing and debugging in UML models

    of software and systems, but also communication between the people involved. The graphically-oriented representation in UML enables instant documentation of the software architecture and development process, and makes it easier for non-UML professionals...

  • Harnessing the notational synergy of ArchiMate, BPMN and UML

    of notations can result in a better description of business architecture. This article considers how ArchiMate , BPMN and UML can be combined into a model that is focused at a high-level of abstraction, whilst still allowing for some critical details to...

  • Automated FMU Generation from UML Models

    Automated FMU Generation from UML Models Original created by: Manuel Geier and Bernhard Sadransky ( www.sysml4industry.org ) Introduction The simulation of cyber-physical systems plays an increasingly important role in the development process of such...

  • Export your EA models to Eclipse UML

    Enterprise Architect supports a UML 2 export, which produces an XML file valid to the OMG’s UML specification. Nevertheless, it is not possible to open it with an UML editor of Eclipse without any modifications, because the Eclipse implementation of...

  • Embedded UML Code Generation finally at affordable prices!

    announce! Basic Toolchain • Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems (Systems Engineering or Ultimate) • LieberLieber AM|USE – UML Simulation and footprint optimized C Code Generation (1) • Willert Deployer – integrates generated source code into your...

  • Sparx Systems releases ArcGIS™ UML profile

    is designed to help users model geodatabases for Esri's ArcGIS platform in Enterprise Architect. The technology provides a UML profile for ArcGIS and supports export and import of ArcGIS geodatabase schemas. The new ArcGIS technology built into...

  • UML and SysML training with Enterprise Architect 14 available in France

    Enterprise Architect modelling tool whilst covering a modelling repository and the chosen standard visual modelling language (UML or SysML). SysML with Enterprise Architect training for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Covers all 9 SysML...

  • UML Design Patterns

    Users of Enterprise Architect may be under the impression that creating and sharing your own patterns is restricted to UML class diagrams however this is not the case. This tutorial presents an illustration of creating, using and distributing a Business...

  • Data Modeling with the UML

    The UML is a popular modeling notation for programmers, but it is little used by database developers. Nevertheless, the UML is highly effective for high-level conceptual data modeling. The UML notation avoids confusing database details, making it...

  • Data Mapping in UML

    to another and structurally the same concepts are held slightly differently. Documenting these mappings is not obvious in the UML, so below I’ve provided a simple example of how a composite structure diagram could be used to provide the mappings. Some...

  • Determine a Project Delivery Date from a UML Model in Minutes!

    Scenario: " Your organisation has standardised on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and you are using an iterative software development process. You’re planning the first production iteration of your software development project and now it’s time to...

  • Geert Bellekens' UML and Enterprise Architect Tools open-sourced at GitHub

    stuff to create add-ins and tools upon Enterprise Architect. It currently contains an EA wrapper library based on the UML Tooling Framework, the EA Add-In Tester , the complete C# add-in template and the example add-in MyAddin used in the tutorial...

  • EA UML Online Training courses scheduled for end of June

    We are scheduling another series of online classes for UML with Enterprise Architect (EA) at the end of June . Depending on your learning needs, choose from: The 1-day Quickstart, 2-day UML intensive, or the 3-day UML comprehensive. Please see full...

  • UML and BPMN with Enterprise Architect Training in Johannesburg

    CRaG Systems has scheduled a number of public courses in Johannesburg , South Africa teaching model-driven development with UML, BPMN and Enterprise Architect. The courses take place over the five days of one full working week on a regular basis at the...

  • SD Times - How UML makes a DevOps-driven digital transformation possible

    of SD Times, reporter Alexandra Weber Morales has interviewed Sparx Systems CEO, Geoffrey Sparks about the prevalence of UML in DevOps culture. Morales, who originally profiled Sparx Systems over 10 years ago, reconnected again to ask about the Sparx...

  • Creating a UML Profile

    Assets I reuse from project to project. In the past I reused a baseline project that contained a folder structure and the UML stereotypes required to do Use Cases, Feature, and Static Modeling. I wanted to enhance that package a little by creating a UML...


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