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  • Application Portfolio Rationalization using Sparx Sytems Architecture Platform

    be better to start simple. For example, here are the common attributes used in the model: Business Value rating Technical Health rating The total cost of ownership Lifecycle Business Unit Vendor Go Live and Sunset or EOL date Data Classification While...

  • Collaboration in Crisis Management and the Value of Standards

    of the outbreak in China, and society will be the wiser for the experience, the learnings of which will be codified in new health, and emergency response standards to support best practice. Action on Human Health According to Bruce Aylward, the World...

  • Application Portfolio Management using Sparx Enterprise Architect

    to address key reporting requirements such as application lifecycle management, portfolio management, cost management, health management and much more. Dashboards for these use cases can be created for different organizational units and consumers using...

  • Data Identity Security

    the 1980s, there were many initiatives to standardize data across industries, such as telecommunications, manufacturing and health, some of which were more successful than others. Currently there are few precise agreed definitions of common...

  • Tooling Challenge

    Baltimore where the HL7 Tooling Challenge was announced. HL7 is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology with members in over 55 countries, and the body of work that HL7 has undertaken to develop the...

  • Sparx Systems Supports Development of the Building Information Model

    software is widely used in finance, defense, government, aerospace, automotive engineering, geospatial, entertainment, health, smart grid, aviation, retail and telecommunications. Sparx Systems' flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, provides...

  • Towards a Knowledge Democracy and Digital Transformation

    making the traditional“service” model obsolete. In other industries such as, Retail, Oil and Gas, Financial services, Health and Defence etc, software is driving digital transformation and as we re-evaluate our ideas about the workplace , through the...

  • Award for Smart Grid Technology based on Enterprise Architect

    and 10 Masters’ Degree courses in the fields of engineering, social and business sciences, design, media & art, and health sciences. Learn more at http://www.fh-salzburg.ac.at/en/ About Sparx Systems Sparx Systems, founded in Australia in 1996, is the...

  • Geospatial Data and Service Innovation

    universities and institutions to develop model based solutions for industry. Two of these awards have been offered in the health and geospatial communities and were awarded through HL7 and the EU INSPIRE. As an organisation that has been recognised by...

  • BPMN and the Digital Enterprise - Part 2

    processes, while tapping into exo-organisational ecosystems. Mobile and automotive industries are collaborating, as are health, retail, and aviation. This requires the propagation of data between different organisations where sharing of standards based...

  • BPMN and the Digital Enterprise - Part 1

    Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). Mobile: The Mobile revolution is providing equity of access to education, health, government, banking, environment and business, for much of the global community. However, it is also challenging enterprise...

  • A web publication platform for an ArchiMate model

    customers demand extra functionality like key word search or a discussion module. In my current assignment for the National Health Broker in The Netherlands the introduction of a webbased solution was evident. One of the most important product of this...

  • Standards, Digital Disruption and Business Success

    work force while the efficiency and effectiveness of standards can ultimately save lives. However, for enduring economic health and prosperity, the adoption of standards that support interoperability between business partners, is essential. In recent...

  • How to Design a Geodatabase - Live Webinar!

    The proliferation of location based services in banking, finance, energy, health, entertainment and many other industries, makes geographic data more valuable than ever! To store and manage geographic data, many organizations rely on Esri's ArcGIS...

  • Mobility - Global Change Agent

    in use will exceed the number of people on the planet. The mobile revolution is providing equity of access to education, health, government, banking, environment and business for many sectors of the global community while challenging enterprise business...

  • Global Energy Exchange - Data Without Borders

    the increasing numbers of renewable energy generators. In addition to well publicised areas such as energy efficiency, grid health, and demand management, one aspect of the energy industry transformation that cannot be overlooked, is the potential to...

  • Shared Operational Picture Information Exchange Data Model

    operations such as: Crisis Response, Disaster Recovery, Humanitarian Aid, Sustainment and Support Operations, Public Health and Safety, Stability Operations and Homeland Security. The scope, complexity and frequency of these operations are presenting...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group - Canberra [Thursday, 15th September 2011]

    This month Anthony Draffin, from the Department of Health & Ageing, is going to do a presentation on using and composing patterns in Enterprise Architect entitled ‘Patterns - More Than Mere Stencils’ . This will be a topic that builds on core...


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