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Assuming smartgrid is required, the following results were found.

  • Developing Standards for SmartGrid

    Developing Standards for SmartGrid In December 1999 a committee of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) identified electrification as the first of 20 greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. With the passage of the Energy...

  • The Internet of Things, Connectedness and Big Data

    (NAE) identified electrification as the first of the 20 greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century and the Smartgrid - which is driving modernisation of the electricity grid - became federal policy, with the passage of the Energy Independence...

  • Sparx Systems Supports GML

    geospatial and architecture, engineering and construction sectors is a factor that is essential to the success of the SmartGrid. Standards enable data interoperability between the stakeholders and the OASIS eMIX (Energy Market Information Exchange)...


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