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EAM Gathering 2020

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We want to try out something completely new:

EAM Gathering 2020

Enterprise Architects have a huge responsibility and sometimes they need to avoid being mis-used as Solution Architects, Business Architects or Software Architects. How do you survive when put in that position? Share your experience - speak with your peers that may also experience similar challenges.

This gathering only has capacity for 30 participants.

Please register as soon as possible.

This EAM gatherings will take place in 2020: Antwerp, Zurich, Hannover, Brussels - and on demand also in your region. Small - Focused - Tuned.

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Peter Lieber

I am an extrovert promoter and results-oriented controller and director. It like creating new partnerships and relations. I like people that are talking with me and it is important for me to help and motivate others. I'm very self-motivated and I prefer doing thinks I really like. I need a lot of creative and open space. But I also need people doing the administrative tasks and people realizing the ideas.

My highest motivation is doing creative work with and around Enterprise Architect. (
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