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The implementation and use of Enterprise Architect and the entire Sparx Systems products family in any organization represents a path of maturity (a process), which must be followed in a prudent and focused way to achieve results and move forward based on those results.

When starting with the implementation of the SparxEA solution it is of fundamental importance to determine who our stakeholders are (understood as those roles that are participants or interested, affected and involved in the solution), and what needs and expectations they have of the solution. This will help us to generate specifications that are complete, correct and unambiguous.

When defining the stakeholder map, some of the key questions are: Will the SparxEA solution have an epicenter in one area of ​​the organization or will it be used across multiple areas? Who will be affected by the SparxEA solution to be implemented?

The answers to these questions will have a direct impact on the necessary strategy to direct the SparxEA implementation process, since all those interested, affected or involved in the solution will have to be considered; as well as the number of areas involved.

To start this survey stage, some recommended actions are:

1. Determine if the SparxEA solution will epicenter one area or cross multiple areas.
2. Model the stakeholder areas that will “command” the implementation.
    2.1 Detail the role they play in the implementation.
3. Model other areas affected by the implementation.
    3.1 Detail how they will be affected by the implementation

After carrying out this analysis, we can have a model like the following one, where, in this example case, the areas of Architecture & Integrations, Data Governance and Software Development have been detected as interested parties. Therefore, in this example, the SparxEA solution will be transversal, and have impact on these 3 areas:





At this stage it is also convenient to consult and model the organization chart at a general level, and in greater detail that of the areas involved.

Once we have identified the stakeholder map, we now consider the motivations that drive these areas to use the SparxEA solution, why do they want and what do they want to use a solution like this for?

We know that all stakeholders have needs and expectations. Some have more expectations than specific needs. It is important to differentiate them since the latter tend to be "more abstract" and then more difficult to fulfill.

To complete the understanding of needs and motivations, some recommended actions are the following:

1. Inquire “why” and “for what” the areas involved want to use this solution.
2. Complete the modeling of Interested parties who will "command" the implementation
    2.1 Model Interested parties needs.
    2.2 Model Interested parties expectations.
    2.3 Model Interested parties motivations (these motivations are the ones that will drive the implementation).
3. Complete the modeling of others affected parties by the implementation
    3.1 Complete in the element notes how they will be affected by the implementation
    3.2 Model affected parties expectations.

After carrying out this analysis, we may have a model similar to the following:

Stakeholder Map



Through this simple technique, we achieved a solid foundation to continue directing the entire SparxEA solution implementation process in an efficient and orderly manner.



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Thursday, 14 November 2019 20:05

Sparx EA Event in Latino América (Perú, Nov 2019)

We are glad to announce that next week and the following, SPARX Argentina (#proagile), will be visiting companies in Lima - Perú to promote the power of Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate in Latin America. .


Our specialists in ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT will be conducting exclusive meetings with main local companies, to demonstrate how other companies are achieving agility and collaborative work at key areas like architecture, project administration and software specification.


We invite interested parties to take advantage of this opportunity and register to coordinate the visit to your organization. It is totally free.


More information about the event: http://www.proagile.com.ar/paises/peru/




Nos complace anunciar que las semanas próximas, SPARX Argentina (#proagile), estará visitando empresas en Lima - Perú para difundir en Latinoamérica la potencia de Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server y Prolaborate.


Vamos a estar llevando a cabo reuniones exclusivas, entre nuestros especialistas en ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT y las principales empresas locales, para dar a  conocer cómo otros están logrando agilidad y trabajo colaborativo a nivel de arquitecturas, proyectos y especificaciones de software.


Invitamos a los interesados a aprovechar esta oportunidad y registrarse para que podamos coordinar la visita a su empresa. Es totalmente gratuita.


Más información del evento en el siguiente enlace http://www.proagile.com.ar/paises/peru/



Roadshow Perú Nov 2019

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