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Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering

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Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering

codeBeamer ALM + Enterprise Architect with LieberLieber

Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering

LieberLieber and Intland Software today announce their codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0. This new version of the integration brings several important updates for users of both systems.

Intland Software, developer of the market-leading codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution and LieberLieber Software, specialist for the widely used modeling platform Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect further strengthen their successful partnership with this step.

This updated integration, released in November 2019, enables users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, as well as links and references across codeBeamer ALM and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. With the integration set up, users can easily navigate back and forth between the two platforms while their development data syncs automatically. The new integration is an important milestone on Intland’s innovation roadmap announced in May 2019.

Integration offers great advantages

This codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0 provides widespread benefits to various stakeholders involved in systems engineering. For System Architects and Engineers, the integration provides the ability to create accurate models based on codeBeamer requirements, to ensure that those requirements are covered by models, and to determine the impact of requirements changes. It enables Requirements Engineers to verify and report on coverage, and to determine the impact of requirement changes using suspected links to model elements. Using the integration, they can also derive system requirements from an architecture imported from Enterprise Architect. As for Test Engineers, the integration helps them define accurate test cases based on the design or architecture imported from EA.

Text and model artifacts are connected

Overall, the new codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0 closes the loop between textual and model artifacts in an MBSE environment.

For developers of end products involving complex systems engineering processes, this new software integration offers traceability, transparency, and enhanced speed of delivery. References between requirements are available in Enterprise Architect, while connections between requirements and architecture are available in codeBeamer, enabling users to simply oversee and manage complex product delivery processes even in regulated industries.

Webinar codeBeamer ALM – Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0

Lieber Lieber Software and Intland Software are organizing a joint webinar on February 11, 2020 to demonstrate the capabilities of this new integration. To save your seat, please visit Intland’s website at



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Dr. Konrad Wieland

Dr. Konrad Wieland

LieberLieber Software GmbH (Consultant)
Dr. Konrad Wieland is an expert in modeling and model-based software development in the most diverse domains. Even during his dissertation at the Vienna University of Technology, he published a host of articles on team-based modeling and software configuration management. Since 2012, as Consultant and Product Manager at LieberLieber he has continued to expand his expertise in these and other areas in and around Enterprise Architect.

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