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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 10:52

ProjectWeaver - A new add-in for the management of medium/large-sized projects

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Soluta.Net is glad to announce the release of ProjectWeaver, an add-in conceived to improve the work experience of those who use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect in medium/large-sized projects.

To manage complex Enterprise scenarios, Enterprise Architect allows to split a project into many model roots. This permits to tame the complexity of a project, but can lead to the production of huge model structures.

As an alternative, we can split the project into multiple subprojects: in this way, the project size is reduced, but we cannot take advantage of the resource sharing features provided by Enterprise Architect.

ProjectWeaver aims at helping organizations using Enterprise Architect by means of a centralized Registry of projects, allowing to govern all the repositories owned by an organization and to share resources among them.

For further information, please visit the ProjectWeaver web page.

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