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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 18:11

New Enterprise Architect Workshops and SysML Training Courses

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Hippo Software’s Enterprise Architect workshops are highly practical ½ day and 1 day training sessions designed to provide revision on UML and BPMN concepts and notation, and increase confidence in creating UML and BPMN models within Enterprise Architect. These are ideal for delegates who have never been formally trained or who attended training a while ago and would benefit from a refresher.

In addition to UML and BPMN training courses Hippo Software now provides the following SysML training courses:

  • Enterprise Architect for SysML Systems Engineering (2½ days)
  • Enterprise Architect and SysML for Systems Engineering (4 days)

The new Hippo Software training catalogue provides details of our full range of training courses and workshops.

A flexible pricing strategy allows Hippo Software to provide highly competitive prices for on-site training courses and workshops throughout the UK and Europe, even for a small number of delegates.

Hippo Software Logo  For more details visit: http://www.hippo-software.co.uk/pages/EA.htm

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Gillian Adens

Hippo Software (Consultant)

Gillian Adens is the managing director of Hippo Software. She is an experienced software consultant and trainer with a technical career spanning over 20 years. Gillian was one of the first people in the UK to specialise in object technology and is considered an expert in UML and BPMN. She has considerable experience of software project management and assists clients with the adoption of processes, tools and technologies.

Website: www.hippo-software.co.uk
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