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Jackie Mitchell

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eaDocX Ltd. (Chief Technology Officer)
Business Analyst, developer and trainer. I've been an EA user for 7 years, and have helped several organisations to adopt UML Analysis & Design techniques. Took some time out last year to create the 'missing link' of EA: a great document generator. Hence eaDocX.
This paper considers the requirements for a robust project risk and issue management process and describes how Enterprise Architect and eaDocX can support this key project activity.

Many projects use Enterprise Architect (EA) to store information about their projects: requirements, use cases, designs and other information.  What is less common however is to use EA as the repository for ALL project information, replacing all the spreadsheets and reports which come along with a well-managed project.


This document, one in a series on EA for Project Managers, looks at how risk and issue management and reporting can be automated, made more relevant and support effective management of successful projects, all by keeping the information in EA.


 document excellence

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 06:52

eaDocX v2.1 Beta available

eaDocX - document excellence

We are pleased to announce that the eaDocX V2.1 Beta is now available for download.


Highlights of v2.1:

  • Additional Word styles, to give you greater control of the look of your documents
  • Compact Document feature - supresses printing of empty sections - makes documents shorter & tidier.
  • New Matrix Report - like the EA Relationship Matrix, but MUCH better
  • Conditional Formatting: add highlight colouring to your documents
  • Supports EA's internal cross-references
  • Improved sorting
  • ..and lots more.  See eaDocX v2.1 Beta Highlights for more information.


Some sample eaDocX 2.1 documents are also now available in the Sample documents.


With these improvements, eaDocX continues to deliver document excellence.  With eaDocX, you can too.


eaDocX: document excellence

eaDocX - document excellence

eaDocX is today announced as the only officially listed plug-in dedicated to high quality Word Document generation for Enterprise Architect.  See it on the Sparx webpage "Third Party Plug-Ins for Enterprise Architect: Documentation" for more information.

It combines an intuitive user interface with tight integration with Word, so you can produce ready-to-publish documents with a couple of clicks. You'll save hours by instantly creating documents using the built-in formatting, then you can customise them to look exactly the way you want using the wide range of options.  

Then when your EA model changes, a couple more clicks will pull in the latest from your EA model, directly into your Word document.

See what great documents you can create in a few minutes...

  • Simple to create great-looking documents or add EA content into your existing documents
  • Use formatting from your favourite Word documents
  • Automatically create hyperlinks within your documents 
  • Access to all EA content
  • One-click re-generation

This represents a significant breakthrough for Enterprise Architect users. Now a whole project team can use EA as their knowledge repository: analysts, architects, designers, developers and project managers, because each can define their own documents, customised to their exact requirements.


eaDocX is the high-quality Microsoft Word document generator for Enterprise Architect.


We think that eaDocX represents outstanding value for money, and we'd like to prove that to you … try it now by downloading the 30-day trial.


As well as downloading a 30 day trial version, you can now also buy eaDocX on-line.  The store at www.eaDocX.com is open for business, so now  it is quicker and easier than ever to produce great looking Word documents from your EA models with eaDocX.

For more information about how to achieve document excellence, contact the eaDocX Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

eaDocX is a new document generator for Enterprise Architect and MS Word. It lets you create high quality, ready-to-publish documents direct from EA.

  • Easy to Use
    • Runs as an Addin, embedding Word inside Enterprise Architect
    • Simple GUI interface
    • 2-click document generation
  • Comprehensive
    • Access to all your Enterprise Architect data & diagrams
    • Adds document hyperlinks, auto-generated glossary, automatic change marking
  • Produces high quality documents
    • Mix Enterprise Architect and non-Enterprise Architect content in the same document
    • Seamless use of existing Word document styles & formatting
  • Saves time and money
    • Exploit your existing investment in EA
    • Encourages use of Enterprise Architect as the 'single version of the truth'

Visit eaDocX.com to download the latest Beta, free for 60 days.