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An important part of implementing Enterprise Architect, as an effective tool for agile analysis and design, is automating generation of project documentation. You need to be able to produce complex and stylised output and this has been a challenge for many. The first of a number of white papers, based on our Master Class training program, this paper looks at how to achieve complete project documents from within your Enterprise Architect models.

Having now implemented EA as the tool for analysis and design, for over 11 organisations, I have found that a critical part of its adoption is the transition from using word to create the project document deliverables - to generating them directly from EA in the form of reports.

In the course of getting there I had to address a number of challenges and the transition was not plain sailing by any means. The good news is if you are aware of the challenges and are willing to put in the effort you can produce high quality documents directly from your project models.

This whitepaper looks at these challenges and how they were overcome using approaches that have worked in large and small organisations enabling them to use EA as the core tool for the production of the various documents that are required during the product development lifecycle.


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