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A Case Study is a collection of information about an individual, company, standards body or entity that wish to illustrate their experience with Enterprise Architect. It could describe an evaluation of a process, specific implementation, a real world example or demonstrate a best practice approach for a given industry or domain. Use this link to submit innovative and exciting case studies on how Enterprise Architect has been successfully used within your organization.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 01:02

Asset Management and Enterprise Architect

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I’ve been using Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect for close to ten years now and my love for the tool is as strong now that it was when I first stumbled across it with a good friend on a client site. Initially, I was attracted to Enterprise Architect because of its great value for money, and like everything I was skeptical of how it would actually perform in the ‘real world’.I initially test drove it on some simple projects, documenting requirements and use cases, with a few class models thrown in for good measure. Needless to say it easily passed these…
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP ) is the leading Polish research and implementation center involved in the problems of mobile and industrial robotics. Using Enterprise Architect the PIAP and MODESTO teams successfully modeled and managed the requirements, architecture, as well as the interfaces in the Proteus System - a mobile solution integrating various technical measures in order to provide awareness of the situation.
This paper is a companion to a presentation made at the INCOSE UK chapter’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The paper describes how an implementation of the definition of TRAK was implemented as a MDG technology for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. It covers the architecture, features together with the considerations and an outline of the lessons learnt.
January 2010, The Dublin Port Company undertook a model based approach to enhance IT systems development as a pilot for the EFFORTS framework – an initiative to improve the competitiveness of European port operations. Discover how the team visualized processes and dependencies in Enterprise Architect to quickly develop an understanding of the problem domain and target system.
BAE Systems won a unique managed service contract in 2007, to maintain the UK's Royal Naval Command and Control system. BAE Systems' project team with Sparx Systems' partner ObjektDev, undertook a large-scale migration of the Navy's legacy system. Using Enterprise Architect, the project employed advanced model-driven approaches to improve productivity and keep the project ahead of schedule.
The AD4 Consortium needed to improve both the quality and safety aspects of the development of Air-Traffic Management systems. Challenged with geographically distributed development and targeting multiple execution platforms, the AD4 project team used Enterprise Architect as an integral part of its tool chain – providing the backbone for MDA adoption within the project.
The LSST project included a critical design challenge to accommodate high-intensity processing of massive data sets, complex development across 10 locations and full traceability of requirements at science, system and sub-system levels. Using Enterprise Architect and ICONIX process, the LSST team successfully completed its second annual Data Challenge, preceding telescope construction in 2010.
Sunday, 06 September 2009 23:00

DMV Virginia - CSI Systems Redesign Project

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The Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia (DMV), is undertaking a top-priority, multi-year redesign project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services, by integrating processes behind three of its major business areas: driver, vehicle and motor carrier services. Learn how the DMV leveraged Enterprise Architect to reach cost-effective and highly traceable re-engineering milestones.
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 23:00

ESRI - Location Based Service Delivery

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Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is a world leader in Geographic Information System applications. Using Enterprise Architect, ESRI Professional Services (EPS) worked with a leading retail firm to successfully develop and deploy a wireless workforce management system. Learn why EPS has standardized on Enterprise Architect as its tool of choice for object modeling.
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