Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines prior to submitting any resources for publication:

  1. Resources must directly relate to the use of Enterprise Architect, demonstrating how to solve a specific problem. (Either a technical or business challenge)
  2. Be sure to proof-read your article for clarity. Check spelling and grammar before submission.
  3. Never submit unauthorized, confidential or copyrighted material. Only use images and diagrams that you have created yourself or are authorized to reproduce.
  4. It is good practice to expand acronyms upon first use, or include them in a detailed glossary.
  5. Never submit content that defames, vilifies or openly offends any individual, organization or group within the community.
  6. Furthermore, avoid using any terms when referring to third party products, organizations or individuals that may be considered derogatory.
  7. Content which contains expletives (or explicit language) will not be accepted.
  8. Submissions should be in English.
  9. Always write the product name in full as 'Enterprise Architect', never use the abbreviation EA.
  10. Submissions that simply reference external URLs without providing substantial content will be refused publication.

Creating Meaningful Titles:

  • The Title of your submission should be in Title Case, for example: Visualization of Package Dependencies.
  • Please refrain from using all capital letters, for example: VISUALIZATION OF PACKAGE DEPENDENCIES.


  • Use key word Tags that are descriptive and accurately describe your submission.
  • Meta-data in the form of "Tags", provides information to help the community find resources.


  • News must relate to an event, new product release or service offering, award etc. related to Enterprise Architect or an associated product extension.
  • The best news items will be timely, concise and accurate.

Community Resource:

  • Community resources may contain any modeling artifacts associated with Enterprise Architect such as scripts, add-in code samples, document templates, images, MDG technologies, UML patterns, profiles, sample models etc.
  • All code should be well commented and easy to read.
  • All resources should be tested thoroughly before submission. (Sparx Systems reviewers are not in a position to debug scripts for you)


  • Tutorials must demonstrate how to complete a particular task or solve a given problem using Enterprise Architect.
  • Tutorials should use clear, concise language to benefit readers.

White Paper:

  • White papers may be articles, technical discussions or presentations that are related to Enterprise Architect.

Case Study:

  • Case studies should illustrate real-world examples of how Enterprise Architect has been used to address a technical or business challenge within industry.
  • Write a concise, self-contained title that accurately describes your case study.
  • Ensure that you check any facts and figures carefully for relevance and accuracy.
  • Before referencing third party organizations or customers who may have been involved in the project, please ensure that you have obtained their permission and approval of content before submitting.


  • JPEG, GIF and PNG are the preferred standard for all images.
  • Please ensure that you have the right to use any image(s) that are submitted to the Community Site.

Feedback or Questions:

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or feedback.

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