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Thursday, 05 May 2022 01:40

Enterprise Architect Version 16 release

Enterprise Architect Version 16 has been released!

Colaboration in Version 16


Version 16 is a major update offering a wide range of new and enhanced features, including a full 64 bit implementation that dramatically expands performance, memory and overall capability.


Resources for this release...

Learn all about the wealth of new capabilities available from the release page: https://sparxsystems.com/ea16

Registered users have immediate access to the EA 16 installer from the registered users area (login required): https://sparxsystems.com/registered/reg_ea_down.html

Watch our Feature Demonstration Videos to see these new features in action.


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Friday, 22 April 2022 14:30

EA 16 - Resources and Videos for Reference

The much-awaited Sparx Systems #EnterpriseArchitect 16.0 released!!!.

The world-leading modeling tool now with the cutting edge features to meet the emerging needs of remote, distributed teams. Auto-refresh diagrams, Auto-reloading in-flight diagrams, Excel-like views to edit artifacts and relationships, Custom dynamic documents, Faster

Model interchange. and a plethora of long-awaited enhancements to simplify and make modeling easier and efficient.

More information on key features can be found in the articles below



Enhanced User Security in Enterprise Architect 16


QEA Files in Sparx EA 16 enables EA SaaS solution


Scriptlets in Enterprise Architect 16 – A Step Beyond Static View


Enterprise Architect 16 Menus and Shortcuts – A Detailed Comparison to EA 14 and EA 15


Additional Resources

EA SaaS is now available for Small and Medium Teams, powered by QEA files


EA SaaS for Small Teams (EA for Mac) Video  -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF0BdnasvqI

Visit https://sparxsystems.com/products/ea/16.0/index.html or reach This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022 06:36

EA16 on Tour

What is offered in the new EA16 version?

Enterprise Architect 16 is a highly anticipated upgrade. The new version is fully updated to the 64-bit implementation, extends and transforms key aspects of the entire tool suite with Pro Cloud Server 5, Prolaborate 4, WebEA:

  • Simplified modeling, collaboration, and governance functionality.
  • Automatic updating of diagrams
  • Flexible change management for model review

These new functionalities offer opportunities for simpler modelling and we are happy to share them with you.

Enough ZOOM Meetings: We’ll come to your city in person, seven dates for easy migration to the new version of Enterprise Architect!

Registration here

Why participate in the EA 16 Roadshow?

Our roadshow offers you the update to EA 16 and how you can easily migrate to the new version. In addition, our experts present tips and tricks for the practice:

  • The interaction of the EA Tool Suite with EA 16, Prolaborate 4.0, Pro Cloud Server 5 and WebEA.
  • Features of the last 3 releases that are rarely used but make modeling much easier.
  • 5 steps for agile modeling.

Read more about the agenda here

Our tour dates: From 09:00h to 17:00h:

  • Tuesday, May 10th Munich*
  • Wednesday, May 11th Stuttgart*
  • Thursday, May 12th Frankfurt*
  • Tuesday, May 24 Zurich*
  • Monday, June 13 Stockholm**
  • Wednesday, June 15 Brussels**
  • Wednesday, June 29 Berlin*

* = Event in German
** = Event in English

Good to know
To ensure a dialog and personal exchange of experiences between participants numbers are limited. Each event will take place in the center / near the main train station, so that the venue is easily accessible by public transport.  The agenda remains the same at each location, speakers and trainers may vary.

Participation fee
The participation fee is EUR 149,- excluding VAT. Included in this price: Participation in the day program on site including coffee breaks and lunch, discounted and specific trainings.

Registration here

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Auto Refresh Diagrams

  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides the New Auto Refresh feature that allows you to collaborate on diagrams with your team in real-time. This results in improved support for multiple people offering feedback on the same diagram simultaneously.
  • It lets your team monitor the changes immediately after enabling the Auto-Refresh option on your diagram with a time interval.
  • One can design his own dynamic and distributed real-time modeling environment by combining Review, Chat, Discussion, and/or Journal.
  • The Feature is explicitly available in Enterprise Architect version 16.0 and later.


Figure 1: Auto Refresh Context Menu


  • Right-clicking on the diagram background –> Collaborate –> Auto Refresh
  • In Ribbon, select the Layout –> Auto Refresh –> Auto Refresh

Context Menu Options:

 Option  Action
 Disabled  For all diagrams, this is the default setting. Any user can update the diagram, but there is a risk of updating’ collisions. You’ll get a warning notice and a prompt to refresh the diagram if another user saves their changes.
 7  Set the refresh interval to 7 seconds and enable automatic refresh mode for the current diagram.
 15  Set the refresh interval to 15 seconds and enable automatic refresh mode for the current diagram.
 30  Set the refresh interval to 30 seconds and enable automatic refresh mode for the current diagram.
 60  Set the refresh interval to 60 seconds and enable automatic refresh mode for the current diagram.
 Pause & edit  Allows the current user to edit the diagram by pausing the automatic refresh of the diagram and releasing the lock on the diagram for the current user.
 Resume  Saves any outstanding changes to the diagram and reapplies the lock, which prevents any additional modifications to the diagram and resumes the diagram’s automatic refreshing.












Auto Reload Changed Diagrams

  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect’s New Auto Reload functionality ensures that the diagram you are working on is the most recent version.
  • One can reload any diagrams that are open while others make modifications by enabling this functionality in Enterprise Architect.
  • It allows one to rapidly communicate with other individuals at work and ensures that the graphical reports EA provides are up to date.


  • Layout –> Diagram –> Options –> Auto Reload Changed Diagrams.

Click here to see a sneak peak of how Auto Refresh in EA16 works.

Further Information

Please contact us or write an email to mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us @ +91 8248004261 to have a live demo about the new EA 16 features and capabilities.

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