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eaDocX Corporate Edition launched

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Now eaDocX does much more than just create great documents from your EA models.

Corporate Edition eaDocX™ is THREE PRODUCTS IN ONE, putting your EA model at the heart of your business.

Excel - Enterprise Architect - Word Integration

1 Tight EA integration with MSWord for fast and easy production of amazing quality documents

  Open Word inside Enterprise Architect to create documents simply and accurately

  • All EA content formatted exactly as you want including diagrams, hyperlinks, conditional formatting and much more.
  • Document Management features to support ISO 9001:2008 compliance
  • Automatically updated with only 2 clicks whenever your EA model changes.


2 Tight EA integration with MSExcel to import, export and manipulate all your EA data

Open Excel inside Enterprise Architect for easy import and export of EA data 

  • Export exisiting EA data (Packages, Elements) into Excel for distribution, review and update
  • Edit EA data in Excel, including adding Tagged Values
  • Import Excel data into EA from any spreadsheet 

3 Embed Excel output into your Word documents

 Include charts and spreadsheet ranges inside eaDocX documents

  • Include any Excel spreadsheet range
  • Include any type of Excel chart
  • All automatically updated from EA when you regenerate your document.


Free 30 day free Corporate Edition trial available

eaDocX: document excellence - Corporate Edition

eaDocX is an Ability Engineering Ltd product. 

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Jackie Mitchell

Ability Engineering Ltd (Chief Executive Officer)

I have >25 years experience in high technology development in aerospace, health, telecoms and IT, as a project and programme manager, consultant and trainer. I have a track record of leading multi-disciplinary, international teams to efficiently deliver high quality projects on time and to budget.

I am enthusiastic about developing the use of Enterprise Architect, integrating structured analysis & design with best practice Project Management, sharing EA insights with key stakeholders and releasing project teams to do what they do best.
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