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Debug Model & Code side by side

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There are a number of techniques available that allow code generation from a UML model.  Learn how to debug the modeled behavior using both UML and the generated code.

The following video shows the first integration between the modeling environment: Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) and the embedded IDE: MULTI (Green Hills). In the video the uml2code C-code generator (LieberLieber) is used.

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The code will be generated directly from the UML model, copied into an existing MULTI-Project, compiled and deployed in a virtual hardware simulator. This ensures that the system can be debugged simultaneously via the code and using the UML.

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Dr. Konrad Wieland

Dr. Konrad Wieland

LieberLieber Software GmbH (Consultant)
Dr. Konrad Wieland is an expert in modeling and model-based software development in the most diverse domains. Even during his dissertation at the Vienna University of Technology, he published a host of articles on team-based modeling and software configuration management. Since 2012, as Consultant and Product Manager at LieberLieber he has continued to expand his expertise in these and other areas in and around Enterprise Architect.
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