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Tutorials can be used to become more productive and efficient in the use of Enterprise Architect. Tutorials, getting started guides, videos and workbooks can all be used to explain concepts and assist others in realizing the power and flexibility of using Enterprise Architect. Use this link to submit tutorials, training material, example workbooks and quick start guides.

One of our biggest challenges at Parallel Agile is explaining how two apparently unrelated aspects of our business are actually very closely related. Specifically, how our domain driven database and API generator (aka Parallel Agile CodeBot) enables the Parallel Agile Process, which allows large teams of developers to collaborate more efficiently and breaks the “two pizza rule” on team size. To understand how the CodeBot enables large-scale parallel development we need to go back to Brooks’ Law, the widely believed postulate that you can’t accelerate a software project by throwing more developers at it. Fred Brooks identified some key reasons…
  We've just released a major upgrade to the Parallel Agile CodeBot.  As you might already know, CodeBot generates database schema, database access functions, and a REST API to access the database from a UML domain model.  But you might not know specifically how the class diagram is interpreted during code generation. Here’s a simple domain model for a video editor that allows you to annotate an image for machine learning. This example only uses Aggregation, but several other relationships are possible.  The table below explains how CodeBot interprets what’s on the diagram. You should find Composition useful for creating…
Single Sign On with Sparx Systems ProCloud 3.0 WebEA and Microsoft Server 2016 with Internet Information Server After an installation as documented with the following User Security settings in Enterprise Architect You will get the following Login for your model in WebEA – and if you choose to login with Windows ID – the default behavior is that does not work “Internal Server Error” occurs. Here are the steps to solve that issue First go to the Web Site’s authentification: Then change the Anonymous Authentification (WebEA will also work with other authentication modes, but it is not necessary to have…
Thanks to my colleague Matt Stephens for writing this tutorial on the CodeBot that he's built.  You can download the CodeBot tutorial here, and also watch a CodeBot Tutorial video  here. Parallel Agile CodeBot™ is accesible through the Parallel Agile Add-in for Enterprise Architect.  The CodeBot generates a complete REST API from your UML domain model. This article illustrates step-by-step how to run CodeBot from within EA, and incorporate the instant generated API into your domain driven project. Find out more about Parallel Agile and try out CodeBot for free. By the way, we also offer training, consultancy, and support…
Friday, 26 April 2019 13:03

Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication

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Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication By Phil Chudley, Prinicipal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting Background Once a model has been developed in Enterprise Architect, it can be shared to users who do not have Enterprise Architect by publishing the model to HTML where the model can be viewed in a browser. However, out of the box, this common method of publication to HTML suffers from the following problems: Unless the model is organised very logically, the non-Enterprise Architect user can struggle to find their way around the model. The presence of the Project Browser tree in the Web Page(s),…
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 04:51

Show the Enterprise Architect Toolbox

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The Toolbox is an often-essential part of the Enterprise Architect interface. There are several ways to bring up the Toolbox in Enterprise Architect. This tutorial will cover all 4 of them. 1. Via the Ribbon   Ribbon > Design > Diagram > Toolbox.   2. Using Shortcut Keys Pressing Alt+5 displays the Diagram Toolbox.   3. Pressing the Space Bar Brings up the Diagram Toolbox in-place via a context sensitive menu.       4. Switching between Docked Dialogues If you like to dock the Toolbox and Project Explorer together in the same spot, the guillemets arrow can allow you…
Tuesday, 26 February 2019 05:34

Sending Links to Artifacts in a Model Mail

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At Sparx Systems, our staff regularly use Enterprise Architect's inbuilt "Model Mail" throughout the day, sending messages regarding tasks and work items. The Business and Development staff alike use Model Mail to collaborate, and it has always been handy to link to what we're working on. Functionality added in version 13.5 made it even simpler to link to model Artifacts. While modeling in context, users can simply right click on the Artifact in question, be it an Element, Package or Diagram Package, and select Collaborate -> Send Message to bring up a new Model Mail dialogue that includes a link…
Knowledge management systems such as Confluence, SharePoint, etc. have revolutionized ways to share documents. Digital documents that allow live and breathing documents to be regularly updated and maintained by everyone in the team significantly reduces the overheads in maintaining a document repository. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate let users visualize the entire architecture landscape of organizations and also allows wider stakeholders to collaborate and socialize on these architectural artifacts. However, these two enterprise value-add tools should be seamlessly integrated to maximize productivity and foster digitalization. These tools share many synergies and when used in conjunction with each other would…
World Record | Installing EA incl. Pro Cloud Server Installation in 3:33 Here I tried how fast and easy the installation of Enterprise Architect and ProCloud Server is (incl. some explainations 3min and 33secs): World Record | YouTube Link
QuickLinks is one of the most used and useful features in defining domain-specific MDG technology. In addition, the latest version of Sparx Enterprise Architect 14 allows users to define rules for QuickLinker. Each rule has unique features like defined connectors between stereotypes, filtering in classifiers, defining stereotypes connectors between stereotypes and so on. Each rule can be created in the UML profile between the defined stereotypes. Assuming you’ve good knowledge in Defining Customized MDG Technology, Let’s see in detail about defining QuickLink rules Methods for defining QuickLink rules are Methods for defining QuickLink rules are Meta-Constraint Meta-Relationship Stereotyped Relationship Each…
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