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A Standards-Based Modeling Approach for Industry 4.0 Architectures

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A Standards-Based Modeling Approach for Industry 4.0 Architectures

Authors: Christoph Binder, Christian Neureiter, Goran Lastro, Mathias Uslar and
Peter Lieber

RAMI Layer

Abstract. Emerging technologies in the industrial area lead to a continuously increasing complexity concerning systems development. Varying approaches dealing with the same problem generate a number of heterogeneous solutions instead of concentrating on a mutual tool-set in order to provide a common basis. Having recognized this issue, the German industry introduced the Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), proposed in the standardized technical speci cation DIN SPEC 91345. Providing a three-dimensional model on how to structure industrial systems, the starting point for the discussion on how to deal with the upcoming complexity has been set. However, due to the current state of research, only the frame to work in has been speci ed. In this paper the idea of following an approach based on Model-Driven-Architecture (MDA) in order to develop future industrial systems is introduced.
To achieve this, rstly the concepts of RAMI 4.0 are analyzed and a detailed description on how to apply them for developing speci c architectures is given. This approach itself and its applicability are demonstrated by a real-world case study, which is created with the help of the RAMI Toolbox.

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